This is How Much You Can Expect to Make by Scrapping Your Car


Is your car sitting in your garage for a long time? Is the repairing and maintenance cost is higher than the vehicle’s actual value? Is the old model puncturing your prestige? 

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all of the questions above regarding your current car then it’s the time to say goodbye to your old car. 

Yes, there might be many reasons that you want to sell out your car. But whatever the circumstances that made you make up your mind to scrap the car, you should keep in your mind that you can make good cash by scraping your car to the right hands. 

When your current car becomes a liability for you and increases your cost on repair and maintenance, or you do not want anymore the old version is the correct time to pass it off. No matter how expensive was your car at one time, now it has become useless and you want to get rid of it. The best way is to scrap it and capitalize the cash in buying a new car. 

Now, here arises the main question that is coming to your mind since you have decided to scrap your car. How much will you get in this current year since you had bought the car!


Many car buyers in New Zeeland would offer you the best cash for your scrap cars. Some used cars are priced at $8-$10K.  The buyer team deals in all types of car make and models. There are car forums from where you can take advice. You can reconfirm the recommendations of the forum members with the other professionals before finalizing the deal. 

There are some easy tips which may help you to get the best price for your scrapped car. Let’s have a look-

1. Act Fast 

Once you have decided to scrap your car do not be reluctant and leave it for longer. Perhaps you may change your mind over time and want to keep it as a backup car. This may increase the depreciation value of the car.

2. Don’t beat yourself

You already have spent much for the repairing, but if you need more repairs it is better to scrap the car before emptying your pocket and worsening the car condition. 

3. Do not Sell Individual Parts

If the car is still in drivable condition, do not sell or remove the valuable parts of the vehicle like a CD player or comfortable cushions or any other luxurious items that customized the car, these more than ordinary things will enhance the car value and you would you get the best price for your vehicle. 

4. Compare Quotes

Try to collect a number of quotes from different scrap car buyers and you will get different offer prices. You can check the online and offline dealers and compare the prices. The scrap buyers have all their reasons to buy the car and accordingly, the price differs. 

5. Stick to your Demand

The buyers may have different conditions with their offer prices. Handle them strong. From different quotes you will get an idea of the actual price of the car, so stick to it with your conditions. They may talk of some value slash but don’t get afraid, bargain with them and fix the best price. Ensure there is no hidden term or cost that may come up later on. 

6. Ending up with the Benefit 

While fixing with the scraper make sure that the car is picked up from the location that is suitable for you. Avoid messy deals of dropping the car at their directed location. Far away location from you means hassle for you. 

Further, you may get a refund of your license fee from the NZ government if you are eligible. It is worth checking once, though you need to return the number plates to get a refund. 

So when you are up from your dilemma whether to keep or scrap the car, get connected with a dealer and make the best out of it for your next vehicle. Perhaps it won’t be a good idea of reselling it to a new owner instead of scraping it! 

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