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This Year Will Be The Year of Baltimore Nail And Spa

Baltimore Nail And Spa

Baltimore Nail And Spa Cost

I'm looking for a good nail salon in the Baltimore area. Criteria: clean; not too crowded (can walk in on a Saturday morning without a wait); manicures around $10; pedicures around $20; bonus if they carry nail polish; eyebrow waxing and tinting for about $6-$10 each. Most of the places I'm used to where I'm from in PA are like this, and I haven't found anywhere in Maryland in the 2 years I've been here that meets all of these criteria (some are just so expensive -- manicures starting at $20?? and pedicures at almost $40??? -- no thanks). So, I've just been going back to Philly to get my nails done there, which is okay because I love the people at my regular place and my friends are up there. However, I would like a local place when I'm in a pinch.

I’m not sure you’re going to get a place that is both clean AND not crowded during popular times AND extremely low prices. Going rate for Baltimore Nail And Spa services in this city is what you’re seeing. I’ve never seen an eyebrow wax for under $10 or a pedicure under $25-30...and if I did I would be extremely suspect of the place. but you’re going to have to pay for them.Baltimore Nail and Spa on Maryland Hill is my go to spot. Their pedicures are $25 (a little higher than requested, but not by much.) I can’t speak to their manicures, but I believe it’s around $15. I get my SNS done there regularly.They use the usually: OPI and friends. No Vinylux. But they’re clean, fast and good.

Baltimore Nail And Spa

Baltimore Nail Salon

The owner, is lovely and always friendly. The waxing is right in the range you list. I don’t believe they do tinting, unfortunately, and they’ll probably have a small wait on a Saturday (they’re very popular for the area).I used to live closer to fed hill and always went to Baltimore Nail and Spa. Now that I'm north of the city in Timonium, I'm in need of a new place. Doesn't have to be anything too fancy, just a place where I can go to get a nice, reliable pedicure.

Baltimore Nail Salon in the Baltimore Maryland, shopping center (it's next to the Giant). Awesome service, not too bad price-wise, and they have the best chairs. When I lived up there I went to the place in the shopping center where Mars is on York & Ridgley Rd. I can't remember the name of it.

I've been looking at yelp and there are a billion salons out there, so I figured I'd turn to reddit and get some more personal suggestions. Not  a "lady at f reddit". Actually not even female. But I am married to a woman who is very much into all womanly things, including nails and make up. For Xmas I bought her a UV nail dryer and a bunch of gel polishes and the base and top coats that turn any nail polish into a gel manicure. The whole system was about $100 and my point is just get it and do it yourself,

Now, she LIKES to do her own nails, she takes a lot of pleasure out of it and finds it fun and relaxing but she didn't like that it took a few hours and was ruined within a week. Now she can spend the time and it lasts for a few weeks and looks great until she takes it off, plus she'll have a friend or two over and they'll do them together, a social aspect.

Baltimore Nail And Spa

User Experience

You may like having it done in which case this route is not for you.

So, I like Baltimore Nail and Spa across from the maryland. I didn’t start getting my nails done regularly (like every 2-3 weeks) until this summer, but I’m generally pretty pick about where I get them done. Baltimore Nail Salon is clean which is my #1 priority, and I think their prices are fair. It’s $30 for gel and I think $10 for a regular manicure. There’s a 10% student discount if you have your ID and pay with cash. The nail techs their are generally nice and overall I haven’t had any bad experiences there.

There’s one or two down Route 1 by Nando’s, but I haven’t tried those. Their yelp reviews don’t look great and a few of my friends said they didn’t think it was worth it, but I can’t personally say anything about them.

You will definitely never run out of choices for beauty and nail salons in your location whenever you want to change your look, get a new nail color feel like a brand new person once again. However, the problem that comes with having too many options is the difficulty to choose one from it. Each street in your area might have a salon, and you are having a hard time to decide where to go.

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