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Three College Majors That Get Recruiters Excited


If you’re about midway through your college career, you’re probably starting to feel that flutter of panic. This usually sets in when you realize that yes, real life is going to be starting uncomfortably soon. Don’t despair. Every student who has ever gone to college has felt the same way. Now’s the time to really drill down on your studies and focus on your major — or change it altogether. If you are considering making a change in your college major to focus on something that is more likely to get you a better-paying job, what are some degrees that employers like to see on a fresh graduate’s resume?


When you hear “business” you might groan and think that sounds generic and boring. However, think about all the career paths that fall under its blanket. What area of business sounds the most appealing to you? Having a BA in business can open more doors for you than you might realize.

Business Analytics. Got a love for compiling and analyzing data? Business analytics majors are very hire-able graduates since jobs like data mining and web scraping are in high demand right now. Obtaining an MS in business analytics can help you further your career goals and make a pretty penny in so doing.

Computer Science. Not just a boy’s club anymore, the IT industry is becoming a more diverse field for men and women both: In 2015, 25% of the tech workforce were women. As the world becomes digital the demand for computer-related jobs is increasing, which means that a computer science degree can take you places.

Marketing. Let your passion for creating manifest itself in working as a marketing specialist. These innovative souls work with companies to create new logos and develop a company culture, design marketing campaigns and act as social media specialists. Marketing is a lucrative degree that offers many choices career-wise.

Human Resources

Some people have a gift in working with others and solving disputes in a calm, neutral manner. If you are one of those people, an HR major might right up your alley: A sort of hybrid psychology and business major with major potential for growth down the road. If you think obtaining a human resources degree sounds like a job where you only listen to a lot of grumbling employees, that’s not necessarily true. There are other branches that an HR degree can give you.

Employee and labor relations. A BS or MS in this field of HR gives you a leg up above other applicants and the potential to end up as the top dog in your field quickly. Among many duties, this professional oversees employees’ contracts and work with the department of labor to ensure a safe environment.

Organizational behavior. If you like traveling and working with new people, a job in organizational behavior consulting ticks both those boxes. In a nutshell, consultants analyze data derived from businesses and their processes to ensure that a) the business is running efficiently and b) it is also making money.

Talent acquisition. Posting an ad for a job, sending out an offer letter and everything in between, graduates with a degree in talent acquisition can work directly with applicants and new employees. They write job descriptions and carry out any pre-employment screening and help companies grow through their staff.


Do numbers and charts make you giggle with joy? Do you love to study data and draw connections between different studies? Thankfully a degree exists for people like you, and Statistics majors can find work with only a BA all the way up to a Ph.D. The careers you seek in the field are only limited by your desire to continue learning.

Research. Science and math are the best of friends, and a research-related statistics degree can help them stay friends for life. A BA in research can get you an entry-level job as a research assistant.

Data analyzation. Looking over new and existing data and finding processes to improve efficiency are a couple of things that might be on a future job description. Data analyzation majors can land many good-paying jobs after leaving college with a high potential for growth.

At this point in your life you have endless options, but the window of time is only so big. Make the most of the time you have right now to make the right decision for your future.

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