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Three Leadership Positions In A Company Which Greatly Influence Its Direction

Every company has people who set the tone and pace for where the company heads both in terms of profitability, and in terms of public perception. Companies who really are successful in making profits, know how to stay ahead of competition and keep their business going for a long time invest in leaders and foster culture that encourages leadership building. Leaders will usually be innovators, but they are also team players, listeners, organizers, pay keen attention to details, and lead most by example. The company's culture is often most visible in three leadership positions.


  1. Leadership From The CEO And Other Executives


By far and away the most obvious company leader is the CEO because they are the ones who give the directives. But good CEOs generally know how to delegate tasks and keep an eye on how the company's departments are functioning without micromanaging. These leaders set the goals for what they want to see the company accomplish while working alongside the chief operating officer, president, chief technology officer or whichever other positions are on their executive boards. Executive positions are usually reached by those who've had extensive education backgrounds, deep knowledge of business administration or financial operations or other executive experience. But there have been some executives who started out at low level positions, became noticed by their supervisors for their ability to think outside the box or lead naturally, and over the course of their career gradually work their way to executive positions. Perhaps it could even be summed up as CEOs are leaders who find other leaders in order to have an effective chain of command.


  1. Leadership From Human Resources Managers


The human resources department and its leaders are very influential in a company because they are in charge of recruiting, managing payroll and benefits and mobilizing workers. If you're passionate about the company and have background or education in accounting or human resource administration, a human resources career path will likely land you some very high positions of leadership. It isn't just those from outside a company with human resources training who can do this; it is possible for employees to make interdepartmental shifts to HR after working for a company for some time.


  1. Director Of Marketing Or Public Relations


Marketing and branding for a company is ultimately what customers see that can greatly influence their decision to do business with a company or not. So it should come as no surprise that marketing directors are very influential because they are the people who facilitate creativity, forming strategies and leading teams of campaign developers. Careers in public relations and marketing are for those who truly have an innovative spirit and know how to deliver messages that can really stick with the company's customers. They know how to come up with new messaging while still sticking to the core of what the company is about. While campaign creation is a number one skill for marketing directors, it is also important that they know how to research target groups for product distribution. If you're really into unleashing artistic and colorful skills for a company, or if you have a background in journalism studies, you might start plotting a marketing career path.


The bottom line is while the CEO and their senior executive team have the greatest influence over the direction of a company, careers in other departments like HR and marketing are also very key for company management and the productivity of the overall business. Leaders certainly can be highly educated people who know what they need to to be in their position, but most importantly they are effective communicators, articulators and know how to win people. Whichever career direction you want to go, know how to communicate your ideas well.

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