Three of the best ways to get back on the career ladder in 2021


Prompted by the stresses of the COVID-19 crisis, people all over are job hunting for the new year, trying to find jobs and sectors that are safer to work in or better paying. And due to the massive loss of jobs in 2020, many people are trying to get back onto the career ladder altogether.

It’s a scary and uncertain time, but people are starting to accept the new normal, and this might mean starting a new job or moving to a new section within your company.

There are so many people out there who are having the same problems as you, but don’t you want to jump ahead, and see what’s coming up in the near and steady future? Here are three of the best tips that you could use to get back on the work ladder in 2021.

#1 Start your own business

This is a good thing to start on. Embrace your hobbies, your passions, and your interests and set up an online business. It’s a great way to get money in the door, while you’re looking for a new job or you’re shielding. Not only do you get to work with your talents and what you love, but you also get to earn money; you never know, it might even amount to something far larger than just a humble online store, and it might become a far more permanent fixture.

#2 Do an online course

Complete an online course. These are great to learn skills, especially when we’re stuck indoors all the time. Follow your passion, or find a course for a developing or high-demand market and enjoy working for a company that really needs your expertise.


From a Microsoft Azure certification (a qualification that opens up possibilities in one of the most in-demandfields at this time) to a life coach, there can be a huge range of courses to choose from, and I’m sure there will be one for you.

Or you might decide to revisit a university course, and work hard at that- employers are more likely to notice and choose someone who has a degree over someone who hasn’t.

#3 Build your resume

Learn a new language or build your experience. The points above will help your resume a lot, but you can also consider volunteering for charities. Knowing another language can increase your employability massively, and learning a skill such as British Sign Language can help in your work as well as in your life skills. Spend this time learning topics, building up your research skills, and writing abilities to build your resume and make you even more appealing to employers!

These are three tips as to how you can up your employability for the new year. They can help you get on the work ladder, and get the money rolling in. Not only will all of these things look good on your resume, but they will also help you to learn and grow into a new version of yourself, leaving 2020 behind in the past.