Three Reasons How Golf Can Help Entrepreneurs


Golf is a sport that you can enjoy and use as an opportunity for business at the same time!


It only takes a couple of seconds for each golf swing, and you can finish the game in less than an hour, but why does it take hours for golfers to finish playing? This blog will give you three solid reasons for using golf to leverage your entrepreneurship journey!


There are various reasons why golf is a different sport than other sports like tennis, basketball, and the like, but these three reasons may influence you to pursue golf.


Golf Is a Safe Space for Networking!


Business meetings become boring if it takes more than an hour. However, people also want business meetings to finish quickly because they want to relax. This is where golf comes in as a golden opportunity for you to do business meetings outside the office and in a more relaxing manner.


As I've stated earlier, a game of golf typically lasts more than an hour, which is where your opportunity as an entrepreneur starts. Furthermore, a greener environment makes the vicinity more peaceful, which can set people's moods in a better state. This means that you're able to pitch any business ideas or sales pitches in a stress-free environment!


The sky's the limit for networking in golf because you meet people of various ages. It doesn't matter if you're in your early 20s or late 60s; you can still play golf!


These people that you don't know yet can potentially be one of your leads or clients. So this leads us to the second reason, which is about forming stronger bonds with those we know and those we don't know.

Golf Can Help You Build Stronger Relationships


The great thing about golf is not only can you talk about business, but you can also talk about other things that can build trust — which is a great way when you want to have long-term clients!


You will know more about how they started their business, how they developed as a better person, and how they managed to overcome the failures they've endured throughout their lives. This can bring motivation in your life which benefits you as an individual, and people will see that you're a good listener and that you're not just playing golf for the mere purpose of pitching a business idea or persuading them to buy something from you.


Remember that although golf is a great way for doing business, it shouldn't always revolve around talking about business. People play golf to relax and stay away from the office, they want to rest, and they certainly want to have fun. So don't ruin the game for them by being too pushy. Instead, you should know when to talk about business and when not to talk about business because this will make you a better entrepreneur and well-liked person!


You'll See the Real Side of People


Golf is not a team sport, and it's a sport that makes you challenge yourself.


This is a perfect way to see how other people react when they don't play well or how eager they are to improve on their golf skills. These are the kind of people you want to do business with because they value progress rather than someone who always throws a tantrum or someone who constantly complains about losing.


In the workplace or in a business environment, it's hard to see if people are genuine or not because they obviously want to make you think they're kind. However, golfing can reveal their true faces behind those masks they wear in the business world — if someone cheats to win a game of golf, would you trust that person? Certainly not; that's why golf is a great way to know people, who they really are, and what are their true intentions.


Golf is an opportunity for you to observe how other people really behave, use it to your advantage! You should also apply this to yourself because showing how real and genuine you are can build credibility.


Honesty can lead your relationships with entrepreneurs in a place that will lead to success.

Bonus Tip: A Small Gift Makes a Huge Impact!


Giving gifts like golf gloves or other golf equipment can be a great way of showing appreciation to other entrepreneurs. This small act of kindness can build business partners or clients that can benefit you for an extremely long time. You can even treat them for food to discuss their stories more or how your business opportunity can help them grow their wealth even more!


Just make sure that you're doing this without expecting anything in return. As I said a while ago, always be genuine with your intentions.



Golf is a fun sport that can also be a tool for your business. This is why a lot of entrepreneurs play golf.


Playing golf can last for hours, but it really just takes a couple of minutes to end a game of golf. Why does it last for hours? Well, this is simply because most of the time allotted in playing golf is for conversations and meeting other people. As you can see, golf is a great way for networking.


These conversations can really get interesting, leading you to build a stronger relationship with those people you know already and those you've just met. Playing golf is peaceful because of its green environment, and this is a stress-free place for you to talk about business.


However, you should bear in mind to know when you should talk about business and when not to talk about business. This is because people are playing golf to have fun and get out of the corporate world even for just a couple of hours — it's better not to be persuasive in these kinds of situations.


The last thing about why you should try golfing if you're an entrepreneur is because it enables you to see the real side of people. Most people, when in the workplace, are kind and friendly. This is obvious because they want to present themselves in the best way possible to get clients or increase their sales, but outside the workplace is where you'll be able to see a glimpse of what other people's intentions are and how they really act. People who are kind in the workplace and cheats in golf are not the type of people you want to be within business.



Golf is not just a sport. It's a way for you to observe other people — that's the beauty of golf. 

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