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Three Reasons Revisiting Cold Leads Can Improve Sales

While you want every customer you speak with to become a sale, rarely is that the case. Whether the timing is off or it is something less than essential for them, there will be many moments that your potential clients will pass on your offer. However, keeping in touch with them and connecting again will most likely lead to a deal with you in the future. Here are a few ways you can revisit your cold call clients so that you can improve your sales.

Importance Of Following Up With Your Client

Many salespeople forget to follow up with their potential client that has passed on an offer for the moment. When they do, they miss a chance to make that connection again when the customer needs them the most. If the company that you are talking with turns you down for the time being, record their answer on a list to contact at a later date. Ask if you can reach out to them again and clarify what time might be better to talk about what they need. If you manage employees that are doing cold calling, instruct them to note who they should reach out to again and when. Consider writing out a set of instructions for them to assist them when they do make that call. The sooner that you reconnect with a potential customer, the more likely it is that you will finally get that sale and gain their business.

Send Them a Letter

One way to reach a potential customer you have already spoken with is by sending a letter through the mail. This should be a note that is written by you instead of the typical sales tactics such as a mailer, newsletter, or any other type of junk mail. When you scribe this, do your best to personalize it with information that you know about your client. Remind them of what it is that you and your business does and what value it can be for them. Bullet point the options that would suit them best. If you see any media about them, such as a photo in a trade magazine or a blog post on the internet, cut it out or print it and send it to them. This simple gesture lets them know that you care about connecting with them above the business that they could give you. Be sure that the customer is willing to receive information from you, however.

Schedule Reminder Emails To Reach Them

Sometimes the best way to get a sale from your client is by playing the long game with them. They might be waiting for a contract with a current supplier to end before they put bids out for new ones. There is also the chance that their vendor makes repeated mistakes and your customer is ready for a change. A method to keep your name and contact information always in front of them is to send them an occasional email reminding them of what you do. This can be new information that pertains to their industry or helpful hints to tackle a problem. These types of messages can benefit them at the moment and lead them to reach out to you when they want to finally work with you. If you lack the time to assemble these notes on a regular basis, you can utilize an email service that lets you put together what you want to relay and then allows you to schedule it for when you would like it to send. Be sure to notate when you do set them up to go so that you avoid sending more than one in a close period of time. Also, add your contact information every one that goes out so that your customer knows how to reach you if they want to talk with you.

Use Your Imagination


If you believe that you are close to getting a sale from your future client, or that you think they are missing your message because of the contacts that they get from other vendors, you may need to deliberate about a presentation that they will certainly see. Consider what the motto of your company is and coordinate a gift package to them that is themed around it. It can be a fun toy for them to play with, a shirt or other piece of apparel, or a treat they can share with their office. While it can be disappointing to have a client put off a sale for the time being, it is vital to follow up with them regularly to remind them that you are still there for them. Whether you do it by the postal service, the internet, or a fun gift, keeping you and your business in the forefront of their mind will entice them to work with you in the future.

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