Three SEO SaaS Marketing Tips You Should Consider

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It's no secret that marketing a SaaS business is a challenge. The market, of course, is very saturated with subscription-based software solutions. As such, it is important that a young SaaS company does anything within its power to get a leg up on the competition. One proven way to do this is by getting involved in the world of SEO, which is not as difficult as it sounds. Unlike other marketing strategies, such as social media marketing, SEO allows you to build out a foundation for search engines, and doesn't rely on you having to constantly run ads or hire SDRs for outreach to prospects on LinkedIn. Instead, what SEO does is anticipate what people are searching for online, and makes sure you are at the head of that process. With that in mind, a guide to SaaS SEO marketing that you should follow if you are looking to use this marketing channel to increase traffic to your website and ultimately increase conversions.

1. Find the Correct Long tail Keywords

Keyword research is both fundamental and foundational to all SEO efforts. However, it is especially important for SaaS marketing, as the people searching for answers to specific topics are often looking for solutions to problems instead of specific types of software. To make sure that you capitalize on this trend, you should make sure that your keyword research includes long tail informational queries as well as more general software-related keywords.  While SaaS businesses need to use multiple marketing channels to achieve results, SEO is often underrated, and can often have some of the best results of any marketing channel. As such, any SaaS business that is struggling to connect with customers online through efforts such as social media marketing may want to consider diverting at least part of their budget to SEO.

2. Create Appropriate Content

Good content is extremely important to rank your SaaS website higher on Google, and that's why you need the best SaaS content marketing agency to do the job. In fact, content that highlights the potential pain points that your customer may be having is very useful here. With this content, you want to make sure that you are using long tail keywords within so that it ranks appropriately on Google and other search engines. If this content is not optimized, then it will be very difficult to get it in front of the right audience on search engines. Your competitors may be doing this more effectively than you, so make sure to look at their rankings and SERP results in order to create the best and most relevant content for your software niche. While SaaS businesses need to use multiple marketing channels to achieve results, SEO is often underrated, and can often have some of the best results of any marketing channel.

3. Boost Your Content With Links

An essential but often overlooked part of SEO, and particularly SaaS SEO, is link building. However, link building is a highly significant signal that Google uses to rank a website's relevance and authority. When doing SEO for your SaaS company, you want to make sure that you build links to the keyword-optimized content that you are producing. These links can be outsourced to an SEO agency that specializes in SaaS businesses, or you can build them on your own through outreach and guest posting. Regardless of what method you choose, building links will help solidify your SaaS SEO marketing strategy, and is the last piece of the puzzle you need to know in order to successfully implement SEO for your SaaS company.

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