Monday, October 2, 2023
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Tiling Your Bath The Right Way

Giving your bathroom a mini-makeover is quite easy. Tiling your bath is one of the most effective ways in which you can modify and upgrade our washroom. It is a good way of adding colour and aesthetic to your bath. The tiles can be used to add borders and even to creating a feature wall and tiling the bath space uniquely. You can use the tiles to make your bath create a personalized look. 


The BluePrint


The tile layout is a major focus in any bathroom renovation. To plan a tile layout carefully can aid to all the changes that you require to make, from the framing changes to fixtures locations and lighting locations. 


There is always this confined or a niche space that you keep reserved for things, the shampoos, the body wash and the conditioners, towels, and your body deodorants and perfumes etc. You’ll have to plan it all out and mark it in properly to get the perfect tiling. 


Getting a proper tile, would require a good style designing that would have to be consulted with your plumber in electricians need to run power plumbing lines through the various cavities in the exact places where you would want them. While the electrician's job is small, make sure you go for a good plumber. You can find several good services from Plumber Mudgeeraba. Make sure you plan out the blueprint with your plumber and get your inputs beforehand. 


The Look 


If you're looking forward to giving your washroom a not so over-the-top look and dotting for the neutral warm tones, then it is only the best for you. Shades of beige and honey will give a very warm and welcoming feeling to your bath. Adding light stone floor tiles of caramel or biscuit tones can also make you achieve the look you are trying to provide and create a very soothing space that could even provide peace to a hectic mind after a busy day.


Adding the borders


If you are not convinced and not willing to choose the loud colours then adding little borders will bring out the minimalistic work and design in your bathroom. With the same colour coordination that you have chosen for your tiles, you can use the various effects that are present. You can go for the soft finish that could suit the natural and neutral tones that you have chosen. Adding the border draws attention and creates a sense of unity in your eyes based on the design.


When they talked about “looks could kill” this is probably what they were talking about but in a darker shade. You can get the same aesthetics of the natural look in the darker shades and touches of black or grey, giving it an earthy tone. 


Adding a feature wall 


What is the fun if there is no risk involved? You could opt to be a little braver by adding some actual colour into the bath. Going for a baby pink or a mint green can make your bath look more spacious. Having such tiles will be a boon as they will reflect the natural light around the room and make your bath look more spacious. Not only are these styles adding attraction towards your wall but certainly brightening up the bathroom without making it look clumsy or an overwhelming space.


The Textures


Now the textures have a unique way of creating an interest in your bath especially compared to the smooth suites that we see today. You can use the porcelain tiles which have a matte finish and can be used against the floors or the walls adding different kinds of textures and creating a modern home design giving a contemporary look to your bathroom.


Choosing the marbles


Nothing can make your bathroom look more luxurious than the top quality marbles. The smooth and shimmering surfaces create a qualitative Vibe that can create just a different view of your bathroom. Be it the stone and marble effects or the other designs that you won't make a hole in your pocket too.


The good old monochrome


Black and white has always been the classic and has never let anyone down ever. There is nothing that can go wrong with the good old black and white bath creating a stunning and elegant monochrome look. Still, in the top lists of modern designs, it creates a striking contrast and is still a popular choice among people. 




Make sure that you pay extra attention while planning the designing of your bath and getting opinions from your plumber as well as electricians, and get the bath of your dreams. 

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes is an student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.
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