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What is behind every smile? That’s right, its teeth. They are eternally in fashion. Dentist treatments help people to protect this precious asset of theirs and even correct them.

Veneers: What are they?

It is a porcelain shell, which fits over one’s natural teeth. It results in a dramatic change in the colour, shape, and appearance of a smile.

Dental veneers: Types:

Ever heard of the famous porcelain veneers that have significant results? Most people know them from seeing celebrities who flaunt their pearly whites after such treatments.

Dental veneers are a thin, synthetic film that covers the front of teeth, improving their appearance. They are a go-to option for various aesthetic reasons.

The purpose of such veneers is to provide that beautiful smile everyone desires. It restores teeth that may be worn, chipped, stained, broken, or misaligned. It can also help in filling the gaps between teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry benefits the patients in numerous ways such as,

    Improved oral health

    Heightened self-esteem

    Aesthetically pleasing results

        The types of veneers are

1. Composite veneers:

It is manufactured inside the premises by a dentist and immediately applied to teeth. It is a procedure that requires just one appointment.

2. Ceramic Veneers:

It is one of the most popular today. It is an excellent option for patients as it offers

    Natural-appearing results

    Mimics real teeth


Remember:- It takes longer to make ceramic veneers than its counterparts. The patients may also experience slight tooth sensitivity for a couple of days after treatment but rest assured it is only temporary.

3. Porcelain Veneers:

It is similar to the previous types and is laboratory-made. It is similar to false nails, which are made to fit, and the dentist cements it to the surface of the teeth.

It may take two settings for the complete procedure. The first appointment helps to get a clear idea of the goals and come up with a plan. The dentist takes the impression to make the porcelain veneer later in a lab.

The second procedure is to cement the veneer on the tooth surface.

Patients who go for this procedure often do it for cosmetic reasons or to address structural issues like:

    Unwanted gaps


    Chips/ Cracks

    Minor misalignments

What are they made from?

It can be made out of different kinds of porcelain. Feldspathic porcelain imparts a more natural feel, whereas zirconia is more opaque. Emax is kind of a mix of both of these.

The right dentist will help one choose a type that is the best fit for a patient. It is vital to seek the services of an experienced dentist who works to make the person’s dream a reality.

 Selecting a veneer appropriate for one:

All these provide the benefits of preserving an attractive smile and healthy teeth. They help in achieving a more even tone of colour and shape.

Composite veneer: Benefits

    One can choose to have many layers of veneers applied in one visit.

    It is a less expensive option.

Porcelain veneer: Benefits:

    They have more natural results. They even imitate the translucent appearance of teeth.

    Highly durable and long-lasting.

    They do not undergo discolouration over time.

Would they look fake?

Here is when the role of the dentist becomes vital. The right cosmetic dentists know what solution addresses which specific problem. The lab that makes the porcelain veneers also has to be reliable and produce the highest quality.

Investing in a perfect-looking smile is worth it and ensures to rely on worthy professionals. If a dental clinic in Australia has a website, go through it and read the reviews before making a decision.




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