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Why You Should Time-Lapse Your Construction Projects

It’s said that the construction industry is one that’s seen tremendous growth thanks to technology. The main concerns in construction projects are time and money. Based on these, most innovations aim to better these two aspects. One such innovation is time-lapse technology. 

It’s one that’s been used in other industries, but it’s found its way to the construction industry. Time-lapse technology takes images or videos of an event over a period in real-time. However, the images and videos play at quite a high speed when you play them. Intriguing, right? Time-lapse is technology construction professionals should adopt in construction projects. 

Here’s why:

It Increases Productivity

Project managers and contractors aim to finish their projects within the stipulated timeframe. However, achieving this is often challenging. One of the causes of this is unproductivity among the workers. However, the time-lapse technology from companies like Buildcam can help curb unproductivity on project sites.  

The technology involves the installation of cameras on construction sites. As the management, you can see the footage from your devices, depending on your settings. Once workers know there are cameras and that you’re watching them execute their roles, they’re less likely to laze around. They’ll put their best foot forward, and productivity will increase. In the end, you’ll complete the project within the given period.  

For Project Evaluation

Construction projects tend to be similar in terms of activities. It means you can learn a lot from one project and use the insight to better consequent projects. The time-lapse technology makes project evaluation easier.  

The technology allows you to store videos and photos for future use. You'll retrieve the files when the need arises. You can do this before starting a similar project. 

By viewing these clips, you and your team can identify issues and inefficiencies in the said project. The team will discuss these issues and implement measures to prevent a repeat of the same in the new project. You’ll be able to grow as a company and always deliver better projects. It’s good for business.

For Better Project Management

You’ll find project managers and clients simultaneously have more than one construction site. Managing these sites is often challenging. There’s a lot of travel time associated with high expenditure on transport. As a result, you’ll likely see the abandonment of some projects, especially those that are considerably far away from the management team. 

As stated earlier, time-lapse photography comes with cameras compatible with your hand-held gadgets. All you require to do is log into the system and observe the projects’ progress. At no given time shall you be behind on knowing the major aspects of your projects despite their location.

For Security Enhancement

Arriving at the final project deliverable requires many investments, from materials to heavy machinery and equipment. These investments are expensive; hence, construction site security is paramount.  

As a client or project manager, you don’t want a situation where you lose several bags of cement and tools like compactors. Replacing these will offset the project budget.  

The time-lapse technology will assist you in enhancing security on your site thanks to its camera system. All you require to do is place them strategically on your site, preferably near the site entrance, outside, and inside your store room. You should also have one in your car park, where you hold the large equipment like the excavator. 

The presence of these cameras will keep thieves at bay. However, should there be theft, you can watch the clips from the technology and find the culprits.

To Use In Marketing

Marketing is important to any business, despite the industry. It works to tell the public about your products and services. It’s said that the construction industry has fallen behind in marketing matters. Most marketing in construction touches on the final product; it doesn’t factor in the construction process.   

The time-lapse technology changes marketing in construction. The introduction has explained that this innovation captures images and videos in real-time but rapidly plays them. With this, you can compress the entire project process, which takes a year or so to complete, into a ten-minute video. 

In marketing, it’s always advisable to keep the message as short as possible to prevent boring your target audience. The time-lapse allows you to do this, an added advantage of the technology. 

You can present the video to potential clients to show them your capability. Once they watch the entire process and see the final product, they’ll likely trust you with their project. It’s the end goal, getting more clients.


The construction industry is one of those industries that are more or less here to stay since there will always be a need for housing. Therefore, growth is essential in the industry to better their deliverables and make the construction process more efficient. The discussion has shown how this industry can grow with time-lapse technology. As a construction stakeholder, consider adopting this innovation in project execution. Doing so will ensure efficiency and growth in the discussed ways.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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