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how long does it take to get to the moon and back

In our childhood we all lived the curiosity to know what’s their above in the sky why the moon is so shiny and beautiful and always dreamt of reaching moon and stars. Science is the answer to every impossible question and the man landed on moon, supersonic technologies made us reach to the far distant, millions and billions of miles away from us.

With the help of science and advanced technologies human had made successful rounds to the man but How long does it take to get the moon is another question hovers around us so let’s travel to moon and find how long does it take to travel.


It is the slowest mission to moon, lunar probe was launched on September 27th 2003, and it slowly propelled and spiraled out of the Earth to arrive at its destination within one year, one monthand one week later on November 11th 2004.  SMART – 1 was slow but fuel efficient it used only 82 kg of Xenon propellant for the entire mission it was the longest mission as other mission took on few day to reach moon.

how long does it take to get to the moon and back

There were other unmanned missions also launched to get to know How Long Does It Take To Get To The Moon, China’s CHANG’E – 1 mission was launched from Yichang Satellite Launch Center on October 24th2007 and sat in Earth’s orbit on 31st October, it began it transit to moon and arrived Lunar Orbit within five days’ time span to cover the distance using Rocket boosters.

Therewere several other missions also launched to get on the moon which took approximately 4days time deploying to Lunar Orbit


The very Apollo 11 mission is considered to be as the fastest manned mission to the moon. The mission began on July16th, 1969 where a Saturn V multi stage rocket took the Astronauts from Kennedy Space Center into orbit they reached to lunar orbit in 51 hours and 49 minutes only on July 19th 1969, this is where the history of reaching the moon by humans was registered when Astronaut Neil Armstrong step on the moon for the first time so now it’s very clear that How long it takes to get to the moon for human beings.


NASA’S new Horizons Pluto Mission is oneof the speediestmission to note how long does it take to get to themoon, the mission was launched with Atlas V Rocket it took 8 hours 35 minutes to get to the moon it was a very impressive leap of the man to moon.

NASA and other organizations send robots to the moon to explore as it is cost efficient as robots can stay on moon for long time without food and water, they can transmits data through satellite and can explore large parts of moon to conduct research.

Technology is growing rapidly and making human lives more dynamic.


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