Tips And Advice For Yoga Teacher Training


Summary - This article talks about the yogic journey and gives 6 tips and advices to budding yoga teachers that may help them while they are training to become yoga teachers.

Inducing yoga in your life gives access to functions of your body mind and soul that you may not have paid attention to. Without proper attention they remain underdeveloped, just like a knife that has not been sharpened from a long time. What yoga does is that it unleashes these assets which make you a little more enlightened about yourself and your surroundings. Once you make these assets your ideals and principles of living life; your days automatically fall into a certain alignment that you become comfortable to live along.

The progression of this lifestyle helps you see the sufferings of the people around you, and you want to help them out by introducing them to yoga. This is you stepping onto the next step of knowledge gathering, which is spreading the knowledge you have.

Yoga vacations are a thing now. They are gaining popularity because of the cheap rates at which you can learn yoga at a destination that you have been meaning to spend holidays in. One can reap the best of both worlds, of travelling along with yoga with this new trend of yoga destinations. There are a few famous places that are being recognized in the yoga world; such as Nepal, India, and Thailand mostly because of the yogic lineage and traditions they carry.

There are two places in Thailand that are famous for yoga retreats. It is important for you to know about the same before you head to a yoga vacation in Thailand. Yoga retreats in Hua Hin (a province located in the north of the Malay peninsula, in Thailand), and yoga retreats in Chiang Mai (a large city in Northern Thailand). Practicing yoga in these paradisiacal locations is a world apart and full of enriching experiences.


Here are 6 tips and advices for yoga enthusiasts who are looking forward to their yoga teacher training.

  1. Be open to the incoming knowledge that comes to you directly or indirectly. When you are willing to face upcoming challenges, you naturally inculcate a certain perspective that gives you a natural and neutral overview of a situation you find yourself in.
  2. Be consistent and persistent in practicing the asanas you know and the asanas that you are looking to specialize in, for the yoga teacher training, well in advance (2-3 months in advance). This makes your body used to the practice and training. Former intensive practice helps not only in memorizing the routine of the asanas involved in your specialization, but also preparing your body to be receptive to corrections.
  3. Always carry all the medicines that you may need while travelling to a new place. Especially if you are taking a teacher training, give your body all the medicines that it needs to function smoothly.
  4. Pay attentions to all the modifications in the asanas that your instructor corrects. When the teacher corrects your posture and alignments, you have to memorize it. Pay attention to what makes doing an asana easier and more beneficial. Modifications are the greatest learning in a yoga teacher training retreat because this is what you are here for. The perfect alignments in performing asanas are what make you a better yoga teacher.
  5. You must be prepared to face all the vulnerabilities and insecurities in your mind. And you must allow yourself love, space and time amidst a gathering of people who don’t know you, because facing your insecurities gives you strength to overcome them and leave them behind. Remember that everyone is vulnerable and have insecurities and that you are not alone in this.
  6. Reassuring yourself every now and then will connect you to your intentions quickly, leaving your doubts behind. Before you start the training keep reminding yourself why you are taking up this training in the first place.

This piece is for all yoga enthusiasts who truly believe in the power, principles and fruitful journey of Yoga and have embarked on this yogic journey. Not a lot of people know the benefits of investing in yoga and making it their lifestyle, but like all the essential changes in lives, it takes time to devour the rich fruits of a plant that has just been sown.

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