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Tips And Tricks For Fully Enjoying Your Bombay To Goa Cruise Journey

Sometimes to have a great vacation you have to slow down and savor every experience that you are a part of. For people that like experiencing the world at a gentle pace, the best way to travel is by climbing aboard a cruise. Cruising is one of the best options for someone that does not settle for whatever he/she finds in their budget but rather looks for a holiday that gives you more than what he/she is paying for. This means more entertainment, more fun, more activities and more than one destination to explore during a single trip. Moreover, with a cruise booking, you can spend the entire trip pampering yourself. However, there are not many people that can boast going on a cruise trip. Hence, they have a great chance to experience a Bombay to Goa cruise by making a Jalesh booking:

If it is your first time going a Bombay to Goa cruise, you are sure to have a million questions. Here is everything you need to do make sure you make the right cruise booking:

Book the right cruise

This tip is essentially a no-brainer. Each cruise has its own personality and theme. For example, some cruises are designed with vacationing families in mind. Other cruises may be suited to couples, solo travelers, older adults, or adventurers.

Moreover, some cruises are smaller than others and hence may offer lesser facilities. Moreover, many times the amount of information that you see online about these cruises can be confusing. This can lead to major disappointment if services and facilities do not match what you were expecting. While you have the option of spending a large amount of time going through the ocean of itineraries offered by various cruise lines, the smart thing to do is make a Jalesh booking by visiting the Jalesh cruises website and selecting from tailor-made Bombay to Goa cruise packages.

Choose the cabin

The usual types of accommodation cabins on cruises include interior, exterior, balcony, and suites. The difference between them is that have no view, ocean view with a window or porthole, exterior room with a private balcony,and a larger cabin often with separate living and sleeping areas and a private balcony respectively. Usually, the cheapest option is of interior cabins are the cheapest, followed by ocean view cabins, rooms with a balcony, and suites, in ascending order. If you have issues like motion sickness, the best options for you are the cabins on the lower decks or the ones closer to the ship’s center as they are highly stable during the trip. Similarly, if you know what issues you are going related to accommodation; take them into account while selecting a cabin. 


Simply put, you should plan your wardrobe and other essentials with the utmost care. The major factors that you should consider while packing for your Bombay to Goa cruise are your itinerary and expected weather. Generally, guests choose to spend most of their time on a cruise in t-shirts, shorts, along with sandals or flip flops. In addition to packing for all of these items, you should also pack for any formal nights or special theme dress-up might that many cruises incorporate in their itinerary. Moreover, cruises tend to get extremely chilly and windy, especially at nights. Hence, you would be smart to pack some warm clothing like windproof jackets, sweaters, shrugs, etc.

Here are some other things you carry without fail:

  • Passport, ID, and Cruise documents along with a photocopy of each
  • Cellphone, laptop and camera along with chargers/power banks
  • Essential and emergency medications
  • Sunscreen

Disconnect from the internet

While the internet today is what fire was to the cavemen, there are some places and times that you should stay away from it. While there are some that are hooked to their phones 24x7, there are also others who prefer unplugging from all the emails and social media once a while and enjoy their surroundings. When you are on a cruise trip, the smart thing to do is to follow the latter example. Moreover, going on a cruise trip is the best reason and opportunity to get a much-needed online detox. It helps you to connect more with the present moment and make the best out of it.

Whether you want to go on a cruise for a dose of adventure or a dash of luxury, Jalesh Cruises can fit right in.It is India’s first premium luxury cruise ship offering cruise holidays for both domestic and international destinations. Lucky guests can expect stylish décor, fine dining, extensive facilities, premium entertainment and a touch of luxury everywhere. Cabins are plush and range from more affordable window-only cabins to lavish mini-suites. The destination offerings are exclusive, the luxurious accommodations inviting, and the on-board service is world-class.

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