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Tips and Tricks for Taking Your Garage to the Next Level

Do you have one of those neighbors whose garage looks like it was created for a magazine shoot? You know the garage where everything is in its place and cars fit right in the garage.

Or maybe you dream of a tricked out garage that is more than a place to store the mower and park your cars. Garages have transformed from just being a place we put our cars at night.

Now they are places for hobbies and storing sporting good equipment, workbenches and so much more. Read on for a few ideas to take your garage to the next level.

Everything Has a Place

The truth is it's pretty hard to take your garage to the next level if it's a giant mess. And for most people the mess can happen pretty quickly in a garage.

Start with a good cleaning. Some suggest taking everything out of the garage. Be honest with yourself about your stuff. If you haven't used that old tennis racket in years, do you really need to keep it?

Sort by category so you put like things together, like tools, gardening materials, sports equipment.

Then figure out storage that works for you. Make sure if you use bins they are clearly labeled. Consider ceiling space and going high on the walls to maximize the space.

Remember to plan for practical things like organizing the shoes that land at the door. Plan for garbage bins and recycling bins too.

Treat Your Garage Like the Inside of Your Home

If you hope to use your garage for other things beyond storage, consider the aesthetics of the space. If possible, consider getting amenities into your garage that you would find inside your home.

Any space is better with natural light. Do you have a wall where you could add a window to your garage?

If you want to use the space for hobbies or have a workbench, consider adding heat to your garage so it is a usable space year-round.

Quality lighting is important for any useful space. Most garages come outfitted with that one lightbulb in the middle of the room. Instead, consider more overhead lighting and task lighting for your work areas.

If you really want to outfit your garage with all the comforts of home, inside the home that is, consider adding a deionized water system.

Useful Spaces

Now that you have your garage all clean and outfitted, how do you want to use the space? You can create a workstation space for how you hope to use the space.

If you want a workbench with your tools all organized and at the ready, now is the time to set that up. Maybe you do woodworking or want a place to pursue another hobby.

Now is the time to create the workspace that best fits your hobby or interest.

Garage Goals

No longer will you be looking enviously at other people's garages. Now, they will be wishing their garage looks like yours. It's organized, has the creature comforts of inside the house, and is useful for you too.

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