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Tips to Choose A Custom Cabinet

custom cabinet

In general, Cabinet is a cupboard made of wood and has drawers and shelves attached to it. Whereas Custom cabinet is nothing, but the cabinet built based on the needs specified by the homeowner. Custom cabinet these days has a notable space in furniture crafting.

Custom Cabinets made for office usually has vents over it. The reason for making a vent is to prevent the overheating of the devices such as computers and printers. The cabinet consists of sliders and drawers for the proper arrangement of the files, study books, and other documents.

Cabinets that are made for living room usually have limited drawers and shelves. They can also be used as entertainment units by making a sturdy roof with the help of strong wood to withstand the weight of the television.

How Custom Cabinets are Built?

The Custom cabinets comprise some major components that make the entire structure. The initial component to be made for building custom cabinets is the frame. The frame is usually the outer skeleton of the cabinet. Following the frame, cabinet boxes are made and assembled based on the measurement taken from the frame. Following the cabinet box, cabinet drawers are made and placed within the frame, after this the doors are made and placed based on the measurement and the type of the cabinet.

Types of Custom cabinets:

The cabinets can be classified based on the method it is built. The way it is built determines the look of the cabinet, Not only the look but also the positioning of shelves and drawers. The types are listed below:

  • Inset
  • Overlay
  • Frameless


This type of cabinet is built by setting a frame. As a first step the frame is made and then the doors and drawers are placed only after a careful measurement. A single noted measurement which is incorrect can ruin the entire frame.


This is also similar to the inset cabinets. The frame will be the first set and then the doors are placed. But the major difference is that the doors usually get overlaid to some extent with measured gaps and spaces out of the frame. Cabinets for living room are designed based on this type.


The frameless cabinet is the simplest and uncomplicated type of cabinet, where there is no frame and the cabinet look raw and incomplete. This type of cabinet occupies lesser space. The major occupancy provided in this type of cabinet is only for the doors.

custom cabinet

Materials Used to Make Cabinets: 

Materials used to make custom cabinets may vary based on the cost-effectiveness and material abundance. The frame should be made by using the sturdy and hard material as they have to face the test of time and the chest of drawers. The material used widely for making the frame for the cabinet is solid hardwood. The main reason for using the hardwood is that they can withstand shocks and external endurance.

The drawers are made by using selective woods, But, the preferred material for making a drawer for the cabinet is the solid wood, But the way the drawer is made makes some difference, for example, the drawer made by joining the planks using nuts and bolts is considered less strong than the drawer made in a single piece of wood.

The doors are the front end for the custom cabinets. Usually, designer type of front end makes the cabinet attractive. Polyethylene doors and drawer fronts are considered durable and eye catchy. Some people prefer glass doors for office cabinets to make the cabinet visually appealing.

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