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Tips for Addressing A Newborn’s Skin Care

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When you’re raising a newborn, you see everything through a protective lens. You want to protect, nurture and cherish your child and ensure that they have a healthy and happy life. You have to look after the child’s health, make sure it eats right, plays well, and gets enough sleep.

Skincare for newborns can be tricky because the products should be free of dyes, fragrances, and specific chemicals. When it comes to buying skin care products, ensure that you are looking out only for test items that are famously known for their quality and successful safety standards. There are many brilliant brands out there like Aveeno’s baby products that mothers swear on.

Amidst all of this, you need to think about your child’s skin as well. Newborn babies have very delicate skin, and as the immune system develops in the early months, very gentle and mild skin care should be practiced routinely. Most parents follow this step till it comes to dry skin, eczema, or other rashes. When parents observe this, they tend to panic and try to find the best ways to solve the problem.

The first and best thing you should do is consult your doctor before you try anything to heal the rashes. Always rest your treatment options on what the doctor has to say, and do not panic as rashes are common in children. When it comes to any skincare product that you wish to use for your child, always notify your doctor and ask for their recommendation.

How to Choose The Right Product For your Child

Think of shopping for a newborn as shopping for yourself, if your skin was ten times more sensitive and frail. When you’re buying products for your child, you need to consider their skin type, any allergies or skin conditions they might have, and look out for any reactions to the product. It can be overwhelming, but here are a few simple tips that can help simplify the process:

  1. Only buy products designed specifically for babies: You will regularly be cleaning, massaging, and moisturizing your child’s skin. Since it is susceptible to becoming dry, your child’s skin will not adapt to adult products that are stronger and have more chemicals. This is why it is crucial to choose a product that is made specifically for children. These products are much milder and maintain a neutral balance in your baby’s skin, keeping it supple and protected.
  2. Emphasize on Chemical-Free: Carefully scroll through all the ingredients used in the product before buying it. Ensure that you carefully choose products that are free of parabens, dyes & phthalates. Ingredients like alcohol or other preservatives can also cause irritations and allergic reactions. Your child’s skin absorbs these substances and can cause harmful complications or medical issues.
  3. Be wary of natural or ‘organic’ products: In many markets, there is no fixed regulation when it comes to marketing products as natural. The products labeled 100% natural or organic aren’t always what they’re labeled to be and may contain harmful preservatives or chemicals. Rule of thumb: always read the ingredients on any product you buy for your child and check specifically for the chemicals mentioned above. Any unfamiliar ingredient should be researched before purchasing to ensure your child’s safety.
  4. Use Hypoallergenic Products: Use hypoallergenic products, which are essentially products formulated to have the least possible risk of an allergic reaction. Baby skincare products like those by Aveeno’s are hypoallergenic, pediatrician approved, and tested. They are specifically made for delicate baby skin, and each product is extremely gentle, even on the most sensitive skin.
  5. pH balance: You want your skincare products to maintain the balance of your child’s skin and keep it neutral. Lotions that damage this balance can cause allergic reactions, irritations, and nasty rashes. Using pH neutral lotions keeps this balance and ensures healthy skin. pH neutral lotions also keep your child protected from irritations and dryness.


Investing your time and money in a good line of baby skincare products can help you go a long way in caring for your child’s skin. Not only that, but you can also reacquaint yourself with the sleep you so dearly miss because of your child’s allergy or a rash that keeps you awake. Keep your child happy and yourself stress-free by looking into a good range of products like Aveeno’s baby products by consulting with your dermatologist.


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