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Tips for Building a Strong SEO Strategy During COVID-19

These days there is a lot going on with the COVID-19 and lockdowns all over the world. This is when you are going to need to make sure you are building a strong strategy for your SEO, including making sure that you are offering information to customers if you can. Keep reading on to find out more about ways that you can create a stronger SEO strategy during this time.


You should make sure that you are thinking about educating your customers since there is one study that shows that after a single week of reading the educational content from a specific brand then there is a 48% higher chance that they would purchase from your brand. During this rough time early stage content that is educational is strengthening the brand conversions, trust and affinity with customers.

Free Tools

Another thing that you would need to consider is if you have subscriptions that are paid, then thinking about making these free for various areas. There are numerous companies who are doing this and they are reaching out to those organizations that are sharing any public health information. You should ensure that you are being transparent with your customers during this rough time and they want to feel as if they are being earned rather than acquired at the moment. The best way to do is to give them free tools that can expand what they are doing and even helping them learn more.

Managing Web Presence

These days you need to make sure that you are following the guidance set by Google and that means knowing what is required. You should be managing your web presence by increasing the trustworthiness, authoritativeness and expertise for your business. You should be doing this and that means managing your brand presence and online reputation at this time is important. Here are some tips to help you with this during the COVID-19 period, including:

  • Updating the schema – If you want your customers and Google to get accurate information, then you need to keep your schema up-to-date. You should update all product availability information in this area so that the customers get real-time details.

  • Update GMB – You should also make sure that your Google My Business page is being updated regarding any changes in hours. This would let the customers find out easily and they can come to your business when you are open if they know when.

  • Google search console – You also want to make sure you are keeping track of where your traffic is coming from and Google’s search console can help with that. You can see what type of information the customers are looking for and use that to shape your future response.

  • Monitoring mentions – Another area where you need to focus is by making sure you are keeping track of where your business is being mentioned. Not only that, but you need to consider what is being demanded in the searches, which can help you to understand the intent of the audience and what they are looking for.

It is extremely vital that you are using these tips to make sure that you are keeping your brand reputation up and your online reputation at the best it can be.

Audit All Upcoming Campaigns and Content

Every business normally has a content pipeline that has already been planned, but now is the time to audit what you have in this pipeline. You need to think about what you are going to be sharing with your consumer and you should show both compassion and empathy to them during the crisis period. There are numerous international and name brand companies who have done just this and they stopped or changed some of their campaigns that might have seemed hard hearted during this time and think about what the customers want and need.

Increase Your Security

With the number of online purchases increasing during the COVID-19 situation a major thing you need to focus on is increasing the security of your website. There are a few ways that you can shore up the security of your website, including:

  • Monitoring all of your log files and checking for crawl areas, which can let you know if spambots are attempting to get into your site

  • Use SSO – If you want to make logging in more secure, then use SSO or single sign on that lets users use a single set of credentials for logging in for separate applications

  • Update all applications and plugins – You should also make sure that all of your applications, tools and plugins are upgraded since they can be an easy way in

It is vital that you are thinking about the security of your website to keep your customers feeling like your business is trustworthy.

Ensure that you are thinking about how you should change up your strategies during COVID-19 since it is changing the way everyone lives. You would want to take everything online and make sure that your website is more secure. Not only that, but consider what you are going to be posting in the future and that it isn’t insensitive to the consumers.

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Mansi Rana
Mansi Rana
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