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Tips for buying a Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs

The minute I books my trip to Morocco I knew I wanted to shop for a Berber rug made by the Berber people of the Atlas Mountains the origins of the Berber carpet were entrenched in the culture that lives in this Moroccan mountain range.

If you've ever wanted to purchase a Moroccan rug we're gonna tell you everything you need to know so that you are making the right decision and the right 

So this is a Berber rug, I wanted to mystify some of that so basically a Berber rug only comes from the Atlas Mountains, the rest of them would be called Moroccan and that covers things from North to South, Est to west exclude the Atlas Montana. 

Buying a Moroccan rugs online

I'm going to talk about weberber.com which used to be my favorite site because the prices are incredibly low they have incredible deals and overall they were really amazing

So this is a Berber rug, but what I want to talk to you about is that rugs for people you might say oh my goodness like you can buy rugs different price points and layers yes but buying one that's an investment piece because it's often the jewelry of the room as. 

It’s artwork so for me as a designer the end of the job is usually when I start tackling we've already picked all the furnitures that's when I start to go let's look at our work let's look at the rugs yes so whether you decide to buy an investment rug or buy one and mix it with lesser price rugs you know from different stores different sources it's important to see what you're buying .

my favorite place to buy traditional rugs is weberber.com. It’s always been really amazing for me their packaging is well their shipping is incredibly fast their packaging is incredibly safe and even though. 

So, with that this rug is what we typically think of as a Berber rug, I purchased online from weberber.com. It's bright colors they're very primary this rug, by the way, is 30  years old it's a hundred percent wool and it's been valued at over $1,000.


so now rug handmade designers are going into transitional as well as modern collections. so let's look at this one now this is a transitional you can see the colors are really vivid .this is actually a blend of wool and silk and incidentally when you're buying a good quality rug. it's they have to either be wool or silk or wool and silk right okay so this is beautiful. 

Shopping for a rug in MOROCCO


Now some of the things that vendors when they're out in the markets 

 I use Imperial rug galleries, that I use them all the time these are really reputable. That's really important to go to someone that knows their stuff, what they will do is they're looking for a few things. What they're looking for is whether it's vegetable dye or chemical dye we were told that they were all in the traditional Berber style. The older style of carpet is recognized by its long shabby chic wool yarn and vivid modern distinct geometrical patterns that is they look modern but they're actually ancient these are the closest to the black and white carpets they're so popular today they're modern and fashionable and interiors.

I could probably about the carpet that I love so much with the green pattern. we negotiate a bit but out in this area wasn't like the suits that of Marrakesh and the negotiation wasn't quite as intense or traumatic. once we verbally agreed on a price to seal the deal they didn't wrap up the rug in front of me. and they managed to reduce it in size and wrap it up so tightly and paper and tape that. I can take it on the plane with me a few days later I unwrapped this souvenir from Morocco in my home 

If you'd like I mean I recommend trying  weberber.com to find beautiful rugs online. That's best for you price and wise shipping, wise and customer service wise another thing about Berber rugs.  

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