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Tips for Buying A Solar System for Your Residential Property

Solar PV Panel System

Buying solar panels for your home can be an exciting experience as it is the first step towards saving our environment. With that being said, you should not get just any solar panel system for your property. There are many various aspects that you need to consider before buying a solar panel system.

Since it's a long-term investment, you should absolutely make sure that you conduct a lot of research so that there are no issues afterward. Here are some tips that will assist you in choosing the correct solar panel system for your residential property.

Ask for Recommendations

The first step is to ask your family or friends who already have a solar panel system installed for recommendations. If you cannot find anyone in your family, then you should take a look around your neighborhood to check if anyone has installed solar panels. These people will be able to help you the most as they already have done the research and have experience in this field. They will also inform you about any potential problems which you might face when getting solar panels for your residence. You’ll be able to learn from their experience and avoid any mistakes that they made during their purchase.

Keep the Warranty in Mind

Purchasing solar panels is not cheap so you need to make sure that you keep the warranty in mind. Many trusted manufacturers give about 25 years of warranty, which is extremely helpful when it comes to solar panels. There are many brands that sell solar panel systems, but not all of them offer a good warranty. In fact, some brands don’t even offer a warranty at all. You should always be wary of these types of brands as they will not assist you in case you run into a problem. Finding a manufacturer that offers a good warranty will ensure that you make a profit on your purchase in the long term.

Get Quotes from Various Companies

When you are in the market for solar power, you should make sure that you get price quotes from various companies so that you have a good basic idea about the pricing.

Do not make up your mind immediately after looking at solar power systems from one company. You might find cheaper options that deliver the same quality. This might not sound like much, but in reality, you can save a lot of money if you get quotes from multiple brands. At the same time, you should not always go for the cheaper option as they might be using low-quality components which will end up costing you more in the longer run.  

The Efficiency of the Inverter

The inverter is extremely an important part of your solar panel system. It ensures that the DC current from the panels gets converted into the AC current which is suitable for your home use.

As with all things, inverter quality will vary from brand to brand. When getting an inverter, you should always make sure to check its efficiency. Obviously the more efficient the inverter, the better it will perform. It will waste fewer amounts of electricity and convert more DC current into AC current. There are a few leading brands in the market so make sure that you check the reviews of various inverters to find the most suitable for yourself.

Don’t Make Hasty Decisions

You might end up making a hasty decision when a salesperson pitches their idea to you. In the solar industry, there are many high-pressure sales tactics that force many people to make the wrong decision just because they thought that the offer was beneficial.

Always make sure that you conduct a lot of research and choose the correct solar panel system and solar contractor such as Dandelion Renewables for professional installation.    



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