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Tips for Choosing the Best Bed Sheets


We spend one third of our life in the bed so making a soft & smooth bed is the best thing one can do for himself or his family. High quality bed sheets are mainly responsible for the comfort of bed because they are directly in contact with the body. Bed sheets are not tough to buy and anybody can buy them. All the online stores and home decor retailers offer a wide range of standard, as well as high-quality bed sheets. 

And it’s true that once you've used a high quality & well-made bed sheet there's no way of going back to the standard sheets. The reason is the softness, comfort, and durability of the sheets.

Cheap and affordable sheets also cover your bed and decorate it by adding a beautiful pattern and pop of color to it but when it comes to smoothness and comfort, they flop. This makes you realize the importance of high quality bed sheets and also why they are costly.

High quality sheets are made from long staples, best quality yarn, and high thread count which makes their fabric feel crisp but smooth to touch. They do not come in the boring white color anymore but vibrant and modern neutral shades. They also come in well-made and beautiful designs and motifs including patchwork, thread work, 3D prints, and stamp prints.

 Also, high end bed sheets last longer and save you money that you are likely to spend on the replacement of standard sheets. They also do not show pilling or even lift after frequent washes and excess use. So it’s better to invest money in the high quality bed sheets. Here's the information that will help you know about the fabric material, thread count, designs, and weave type of the sheets.

Fabric materials

Many organic and synthetic fabrics are used for making the bed sheets but the most comfortable, light, breathable, and moisture absorbing one is the pure cotton.  

Pure cotton: is made from the staples of cotton plants which are responsible for the features of this fabric. Cotton sheets come in percale, sateen, and Pima weaves. Among which percale and sateen stand out.

Egyptian cotton: Egyptian cotton is made from high staple due to which it is the most durable and softest fabric in the world. It has excellent breat hability, moisture absorbency, and softness. Moreover, these sheets do not pill or show lint at all due to their long staples. These sheets tend to become softer and smoother with each wash.

Linen: Linen is known for its use throughout the year. These sheets are soft, lightweight and moisture absorbing. The only drawback is they get wrinkled quickly.

Bamboo: Bamboo Rayon or bamboo cotton sheets are lightweight, soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and skin friendly. They are a great choice for the patients having respiratory disorder or skin problems. Moreover, these sheets do not absorb the body moisture but retain it making your skin healthy & glowing.

Thread count

Thread count does not refer to the quality of sheets. It is associated with the density of the sheets. Usually the low thread count sheets will be less dense and drape nicely from bed whereas the high thread count sheets will be dense enough not to come down themselves. If you are looking for a cool and light weight sheet opt for 200-400, for lightweight & luxe sheets go for 400-600, and for dense and decent sheets choose 600-1000 thread count.

Weave type

Usually sateen, flannelette, and percale weaves are offered. These weave types have nothing to do with the quality or comfort but the finishing of the sheets. Sateen weave sheets are soft, silky, and have lustrous finishing. Percale sheets have square like patterns and offer matt, beat, and smooth finishing. These sheets are also durable & strong. They are made from the softly spun cotton brushed on each side.

Pattern & color schemes

To add a pop of color and texture to your place, beautiful patterned sheets will go best. You can add a patterned bed sheet against a neutral and plain duvet to bring style and elegance to your place or if you love the plain sheets, you can choose a lightly patterned duvet to compliment it. It’s all your choice after all! 

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