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Tips for Establishing Effective Communication Within Your Business

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When you do not have great communication within your business it can create absolute chaos. There is employee and manager communication and also customer and business communication. When things are not communicated effectively customers are left frustrated with a poor opinion of your company and employees can feel not valued or trusted. 

Most of a company’s problems can be solved when there is effective communication happening on a daily basis. You want to keep communication flowing at all times to prevent mishaps from occurring on a regular basis. 

Here are 5 different ways your company can be more effective with communicating:

Online Interaction

This is a great way to communicate with everyone in the office. This is also a great way for remote employees and in-house employees to communicate with each other. There are different software tools that can be used so employees can communicate over the internet about work-related issues. 

Email is another great tool that allows you to send important information to everyone at once. This can be great but many companies will send out hundreds, if not thousands of emails to employees everyday. This is exhausting and can really cut down on employee performance and may cause them to miss important information if they are constantly having to sift through emails throughout their workday. 

Face-to-Face Communication

This is one of the most effective and easiest ways to get problems taken care of and fixed. If your company has a remote team you can have them remote in over video chat to get a feel for what is going on within the company. 

If your job only consists of in-house positions it is important to have peer to peer recognition programs to keep your company a cut above other competitors. The reason these programs work so well is because they cut down on passive aggressive emails and allow people to connect and interact with one another. 

Team Meetings

This is another great way to get everyone on a team on the same page. Depending on your company you may decide to have quick team meetings every morning to see where everyone is at, what they are working on and any roadblocks that they may have encountered. 

Your team may decide that it is better to have meetings once a week or even once a month. These can be longer meetings that last an hour to an hour and a half. This allows everyone on the team to know what changes are happening and what is being worked on. 

Set Expectations 

There is nothing worse than getting a job and when you go to work find out the job is completely different than described in the interview. It is also maddening to start your job and think you are doing everything correctly, only to find out several months later that it is actually done another way. 

This can be avoided if expectations are clearly set when a new hire starts. Lay everything out that needs to be done. Do not overwhelm the new hire with too much information but during the training period it is crucial that you set clear expectations of what is wanted. 

Make Changes When Necessary 

Every company is different and offers different products and services. This means that each company is going to experience unique challenges depending on their target audience and what they are trying to sell. 

As you company grows or makes changes, whether it is a location change or company rules, keep in mind that these all need to be communicated to your employees and customers. This establishes trust and a baseline of respect for how you view your clients and team. Keeping everyone in the loop will also cut down on any confusion that may arise from not communicating well. 

Communication is something that can be learned and can continually be improved within a company. What are some ways that you practice communication at your job? Share with a fellow coworker to start a conversation!

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