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Tips for Keeping Your Business Secure

The security of your business is important for the integrity of your information and the safety of your employees and customers. With so much data hacking and information stealing happening these days, it is of utmost importance that you take the necessary measures to keep your business safe, both the physical location and your data. 


A good way to secure your physical business is to install security cameras. They will monitor any entrances into the building and can also be installed inside areas where there is particularly sensitive information stored. A security camera will deter any thief from trying to enter your building when they know that they can be seen.

Alarm System

An alarm system is another important physical security measure. If entry is forced, the alarm is sounded and an alert sent to the authorities. 

Entry Points

You should consider how employees can access the building. If you have a traditional key system, you should carefully monitor who the keys are given to and change them on occasion. 

A more secure option is to use a coded entry system. All entrances require a numerical sequence typed into a keypad before the door opens. This is a good option because the code can be changed frequently, so any former employees or anyone who had temporary access to the building doesn't know the current entry code.

Record Disposal

Dispose of any old equipment and paper records correctly. Paper records should be shredded and incinerated if possible. If you are updating the equipment in your office, make sure that any old computers are properly wiped of any sensitive information.


Have a system to monitor any visitors that come into your office. A good policy would have visitors required to sign in with their ID, and then give them a temporary badge that they turn in when they sign out at the end of their visit. 


Of equal importance to securing the physical building of your business, you also need to take measures to secure your data.

Encourage employees to create strong passwords that are changed every so often. Don't allow passwords to lie around. If they must be written down, keep them in a locked location where not everyone has access to them. If an employee walks away from their desk, they should close down their workspace to prevent any passer-by from seeing sensitive information.


Similarly, email should have a strict policy of what is appropriate for work. There should be a policy stating what data is appropriate to send by email and what is not. Software and programs like email should be encrypted to prevent data from being stolen and viewed.


Keep all of your computers and software updated as needed. There are so many technological advances that happen regularly, so it's not uncommon for systems to discover weaknesses and bugs and take measures to fix these. In order to get the most secure version, your software needs to be updated. 


You should have appropriate policies in place so your employees understand what is correct and incorrect behavior. There should be a policy for how they access information that is particularly sensitive. Only select employees should be able to access certain areas of your business.

New Software

Another software that works well with the cloud and storing data is fabric analytics. This is a system of managing and protecting your data that makes your system faster and much more secure. It helps you to access things as needed and allows your business to run more smoothly. You will have access to all of the programs that you need when you need them.

The Cloud

Using the cloud to store your data is another secure option. Instead of having your data physically stored on your computer's hard drive, the data would be stored in an exterior system that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 

The cloud is a secure way to store information because the data will be encrypted and monitored. This is something you can use that market leaders are using too. Using the cloud prevents any lost or stolen data. Accessibility is another important factor. The cloud doesn't restrict access to a physical location, so those who need that data can access it when and how they need it. 

How you store all of your information is a vital part of your business's security. Having a proper system to store and manage your data will help your operation run more smoothly, and having a secure physical location will protect your employees and your business assets.

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