Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Tips for Maintaining a Carpet Cleaned by a Professional

When you get professional carpet cleaners in London to clean your carpet, you do not want the carpet having its old look anytime soon. You also do not want the money and time spent cleaning your carpet to be a waste.

To prevent dirt, and debris from building up on your carpet, keep it clean and fresh for a longer time by doing the following.

  • Be careful when walking on your carpet after the cleaning.
    You should avoid walking on your damp carpet after a professional cleaning because it would be slippery. The carpet could make you fall and sustain an injury. After your professional carpet cleaning, it is best to stay out of the house for a few hours, 2 – 4 hours is usually enough for a properly cleaned carpet to dry.

    No matter the kind of cleaning technique or product used, there will be a trace amount of debris or dirt trapped in the carpet and when you walk on the damp carpet, you will likely re-soil it. Walking on a wet carpet also flattens the carpet fibres, and this makes the carpet remain wet for a longer period.

  • Turn up your heater to quicken the drying process.
    When you increase your heater, it helps the carpet dry faster. After your professional carpet cleaning, set your thermostat to the ideal temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The air from the heater will absorb the moisture content of your carpet, and this makes the carpet dry faster.
  • Open your windows
    Professional carpet cleaning increases the humidity in the house. By opening your windows for fresh air, you reduce the level of moisture in your home and this, makes your carpet dry faster.
  • Use fans
    Fans make air move faster, and this helps your carpet to dry more quickly, so endeavour to turn up your ceiling or floor fan.
  • Do not move the furniture immediately
    Wait until your carpet is completely dried before you move your furniture to their original position. This may take up to 24 hours. Before you transfer back your furniture, endeavour to vacuum the floor.
  • Use a carpet protector
    If you do not want to re-soil your carpet, use a carpet protector. The carpet protector helps prevent stains and dirt from getting into the carpet fibres, and this makes your carpet remain clean for a longer time.
  • Clean up any spill immediately
    If you let a spill remain on your carpet for a long time, it soils the carpet and makes it difficult for the stain to come off. If anything spills on your carpet, it is advisable to clean it off immediately as this makes it easy to remove the stain.

    A paper towel or spot cleaner will be sufficient to remove stains immediately they get to your carpet. Use the paper towel to blot the stain out, but do not scrub the spot as this will worsen the stain and damage the carpet.

  • Vacuum your carpet regularly
    You should vacuum your professionally cleaned carpet at least once every week. A high percentage of carpet stains can come off with only vacuuming. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will keep your carpet attractive and increases the life span of your carpet. Ensure that you vacuum your carpet with care to avoid damaging it.

    If you want to clean your carpet, vacuum it 24 hours before the intended cleaning time, then 24 hours after the cleaning.

  • Use mats
    Using mats on your carpet will reduce the amount of dirt the carpet accumulates. Place a mat at the entrance for visitors. You could also have people remove their shoes before stepping on your carpet.
  • Avoid direct sunlight
    Letting your carpets receive direct sunlight will damage the carpet fibres. Direct ultraviolet rays could also damage your dark coloured carpet.
  • Rotate your furniture
    To minimise the damage on your carpet, change the position of your furniture often. Position the furniture on areas with excess traffic and expose the area that has less traffic. This also prevents wear and tear on a particular area of your carpet.

You should be able to keep your carpet clean for a long time after a professional carpet cleaner cleans it if you follow these tips listed above.

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