Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Tips for Making Your Business More Energy Efficient

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Making sure that the bills are paid on time is one of your biggest responsibilities. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are getting out of control, you may be looking for things to bring the cost back down.It becomes important to do business energy comparison from different suppliers. Here are nine tips that can help you make your business more energy efficient.

Make Use of the Daylight

The sun is one of the best sources of light. If your business building has windows, open the blinds and let it in. Using natural light reduces your dependency on your light fixtures. As a bonus, it can also help to boost your mood.

Install Solar Panels

Another way to use the sun to your advantage is to install solar panels. The panels collect sunlight and convert it into an alternative source of energy. When using solar, you use less electricity. You can also install a whole house battery back up, which will allow you to keep operating even if the electricity goes out.

Swap Out Your Lightbulbs

Switching out traditional lightbulbs for CFLs or LEDs can save you quite a bit. CFLs use 1/5 to 1/3 the power of incandescent bulbs and last up to 15 times longer. Every bulb you switch can save you a dollar or more a day, which can add up to saving hundreds (even thousands) of dollars a year.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

You rely on your thermostat to keep the temperature inside of your business comfortable. Older thermostats, however, are very inefficient. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to upgrade to a programmable model.

A programmable thermostat gives you greater power over the heating and cooling in your business. Rather than changing a dial when you come in and before you leave, you can set a specific schedule. You also don’t have to panic about possibly forgetting to change the temperature after you get home.

Automate What You Can

Another step to further reduce energy costs related to your thermostat and lights is to automate. By automating your heating and cooling and your lighting, you have much more control over the energy use in your business. You control the connected devices remotely, using your smartphone or computer. No matter where you are, you can adjust the thermostat or turn lights on or off, even if no one is in the building.

Power Down

All of the electronics in your business use power to run. To help save on energy costs, turn off the machines you aren’t using. Another option, which can help to avoid the use of phantom energy, is to unplug anything that isn’t in use.

You can do the same thing with your lights. Turn them off or unplug them when you aren’t using them. Or, you can install motion sensors and dimmer switches to help reduce energy consumption.

Switch Out Inefficient Machines

Older equipment, including computers, printers, and even your break room refrigerator, isn’t very efficient. As a result, it uses much more energy. Rather than let old, outdated machines waste precious energy (and drive your bills through the roof), you should consider replacing them with newer, energy-efficient models. While the upfront cost might seem expensive, this step can help you to save significantly in the long-run.

Check Your HVAC

Your business relies on the HVAC to keep the air comfortable. You need to take care of it so that it functions properly. Any issues with your HVAC not only affect the air quality but also your energy bills. Even small problems can have a significant impact.

Care of your HVAC includes changing the air filter regularly and having the unit inspected periodically. Inspections alert you to problems before they become serious. Taking care of issues early on avoids expensive repairs and the possibility of having to completely replace the system.

Schedule an Energy Audit

The word “audit” can be scary for a business owner, but an energy audit is far from a bad thing. When it comes to reducing your energy costs, an audit can be incredibly beneficial. Your energy company can help by going through your business with you, identifying problem areas.

Once problem areas have been located, you can then develop plans to increase your energy efficiency and decrease your monthly bills. Even small changes can have a significant impact.  

Just because you have to pay your energy bill, that doesn’t mean it should be outrageously high. Taking steps to improve your energy-efficiency can help to get your energy costs back under control.

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