Tips for Monitoring Quality and Assurance


It is necessary for any company or corporation to ensure that the products that are produced by them are maintaining the minimum standards that the company wants. There is a department in every company called QA department also known as quality assurance department that ensures that the proper quality is maintained. There can be many organizations that need QA testing done. Some of them are garments, call centers, pharmaceuticals, software firms, and many more.

Giving proper guidelines about what the company wants

Employees should be aware of what the company wants from him and should be aware that their performance is being evaluated. This will keep all the employees in check and ensure the best performance from them. The company should hold sessions explaining to the employees in details what are the parameters on which they would be judging their performance. If the requirements are clear to the employees, they will try to maintain the standards of the company.

Encouraging self-monitoring and making the QA normal

Agencies should encourage their members to self-monitor performance after every certain period of time. This helps them realize their skills and lacking skills. Moreover, this makes it normal to be monitored and they know where they are making mistakes. This will ensure that they are doing the best to maintain the standards of the organization. The agencies can make the monitoring so normal and routine that staff expect a routine check every time and be prepared. The agents will be trying to do his duty to the best of his abilities.

To make the QA officers aware of their jobs

The QA officers in charge of inspecting the performance of the agents should know what is QA testing and every detail about it. They should know the parameters on how to do the QA testing and check them accordingly. The QA tests could be done randomly and impartially. It is within the QA officers job scope to talk to the agents that have failed to ensure the QA standards of the agency and make them understand what they are doing wrong. The agents failing to meet QA standards should be monitored closely and encouraged to do better. The agent must not feel pressurized but should be dealt with compassion and helpful teachings. The QA officers can hold meetings more often and make a group with one strong agent and one weak agent. By this method, a team would be formed and the weak agent can get help and support that he needs. This encourages cooperation and team bonding within the agency.

Regular sessions to update the agents on policy change and training

QA policies can change depending on the changes of the customer or the agency needs over a period of time. It is essential to hold immediate meetings to properly guide the agents on the changes of the QA parameters. The QA officers should also be trained to examine the agents based on the new parameters. Training sessions should also be arranged by the agency for the agents to properly train them to cope up with the new changes. A skilled trainer should be appointed for proper training of the agents.

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Parameter defining and incentives

Before any agents are allowed to work in the field or desk it is essential to know that they have understood the QA standards of that agency. Tests should be taken to ensure that they have understood what the agency wants from them. There should also be a reward based system where the agents achieving the QA standards are offered incentives on top of their salary. Moreover, the highest achiever can be awarded and acknowledged as an employee of the month.

QA is an important and vital process for any agency. Without proper quality assurance, the company cannot ensure that they are meeting the standards that their client expects.