Monday, December 4, 2023
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Tips for Purchasing a Fuel-Efficient Car

Purchasing a new car can be exciting. However, purchasing a fuel efficient car is what will help you spin it in style without worrying about the escalating fuel prices. Of course, the initial cost of purchasing a fuel efficient car can be high. However, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. That’s why you should always purchase a fuel-efficient car. On these lines, here is how to purchase a fuel-efficient four-wheeler.


There are various online tools that can help you compare different vehicles’ fuel consumption ratings. So take your time to find what best suits your personal needs and preferences.

Look at the EnerGuide Label

Be sure to look at the vehicle’s EnerGuide label. It’s often found on all new cars as well as light trucks. Basically, the label indicates the car’s fuel consumption ratings plus its estimated annual fuel cost.

Size and Power

Take into consideration your space plus cargo needs. Is it necessary to invest in a minivan while a compact model would work perfectly? Passenger cars featuring smaller engines usually deliver better fuel consumption as opposed to those with larger engines.

Go For Two-Wheel Drive

A 4-wheel drive means that your car will bear the added weight. Plus, it will lead to more losses. Consequently, your fuel consumption will go up. So, avoid 4 wheel or all-wheel cars. Instead, go for a two-wheeler drive cars. Of course, the all-wheel-drive offers superior traction when it comes to accelerating under slippery situations. However, it offers poor braking. This results in more fuel consumption. Plus, it puts your safety at risk

Don’t Forget the Extras

Accessories and certain power features can slow down your car’s engine, increasing its fuel consumption. Do you really need all the extra gizmos? Well, not only do they increase fuel consumption but they also produce greenhouse emissions.

The Safety Ratings

Lighter vehicles usually get the best gas mileage. On the other hand, the heavier ones tend to be safer. With this in mind, it’s always advisable to look for a combination of several factors including the vehicle’s safety rating and the amount of risk aversion you’ve.

Key Takeaway

With the rising gas prices, more and more people are now evading the SUVs and prioritizing fuel economy. In fact, they’re making it an essential component of their car-buying decision.

So, when shopping around for a new car be sure to check out for the best balance of fuel economy as well as value.

The Bottom-Line

It is not all purchasing any car. Remember, a car comes with a lot of costs. From maintenance to fuel—driving a new car is not a joke. However, you can reduce these expenses by purchasing a fuel-efficient car. Purchasing a fuel efficient car comes with a lot of benefits. The above tips will help you purchase a fuel efficient car and spin your car with confidence. Purchase a fuel efficient car like Chevy Malibu MPG—you will be paying less at the pumps.

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