Tips For Removing Window Tint Bubbles

Window Tinting

Window Tinted bubbles are produced on the tint of a window of automobiles, offices, homes, and buildings. Application of dye to windows makes pockets or bubbles. These bubbles are formed due to water droplets trapped beneath tint or due to air between glass and coat. Bubbles go away in a few days. If after 15 days of application pockets persist. The tint is coated inadequately. Only a professional can do bubble-free work. Dirt or debris is also a cause of pockets in the tinted window. Improper cleaning of tint, old tint, and poor adhesion also causes bubble formation and you can get the perfect tinting from the Flying Window Tinting. You will get perfect Window Tinting Orlando from Flying Window Tinting and turn our dream into reality. It mostly happens when we use tinting at home. Tint breakage also causes a bubble pattern.

Prevention tips:

Preventions are better than cure. To avert bubble formation, you should keep the following suggestions in your mind:

  • Quality of tint is related to bubble appearance. Higher quality means fewer bubbles. They are inversely related.
  • Hire a professional to coat tint on to a window. They know how to coat film and how the product will adhere to glass.
  • One should always use cleaning solutions containing mild soap in water. Ammonia free cleansers designed explicitly for tinted windows are used. Do not use any cleaner, vinegar, and spirits.
  • Give prolonged exposure to the sun. It may take 15 or more days for tint to adhere appropriately to glass. Metals, dirt, water, and air will form bubbles if the tint is not appropriately exposed under the sun.

Tips for removing window bubbles:

Similarly, If a professional organization applies the film. Warranty on that product is provided. Their service will change or remove tinted window bubbles. One can do this task at home by using his tools. Following are some quick remedies to avoid pockets after tint installation:

  • Warm glass by a hairdryer or park the car under sunlight.
  • Mist glass by RT water. DO not soak the glass in water.
  • Carefully punch holes in the bubble using a sharp pin. Rest of the tint is safe.
  • Smooth out bubbles by using an expired credit card or a squeegee. Hold it at 45˚ degrees and move it on the surface.
  • Check with a cloth if more bubbles are present.


Following steps are necessary to fix any issue in a tinted window;


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Hairdryer, Spray bottle, Safety pin, Straight edge.


•    Step1

Replace damaged tint if the product is still under warranty. The service providers will rush to us to change or replace the tinted window.

•    Step2

However, If we apply dye on our own. We have to decide whether to fix it by a professional or not.

•    Step3

If the outside temperature is 75 degrees. It is best to take the car out under the sun to set the tinted window.

•    Step4

Once the window is heated, apply water from the spray bottle.  Coldwater will loosen the adhesive power, and bubbles are removed smoothly.

•    Step5

1.   However, Use credit card ore straight-edged objects to remove bubbles from tint efficiently. After that, Moving sharp edge against hue will remove the air out from the boundaries or ends of the tinted window.

2.    Pop the bubbles with a sharp-pointed object. Make small holes. Do not damage the tint. Carefully pop bubbles or tint will scratch, rip and can also tear.

3.    The shade will close tiny holes when no air is left. Use strokes with medium pressure to remove all of the air trapped in tint. At 45 degrees tilt the card and smoothly take out all of the trapped air. Similarly, If tinting dries before bursting all bubbles, again apply a layer of mist water from the spray bottle. Credit cards and safety pins can tear coating. Carefully use these items and remove or replace the tinted window with another high-quality product.

•    Step6

Thorough cleaning of window occurs. Once a bubble has been removed, either the entire tint is replaced ore bubbled tint is used as a new product. Use of right cloth and cleaning solution is required to clean the glass tinted window. A micro cloth does the cleaning, do not use any other abrasive sponges, cloth or scrubbers.

There is no need to clean glass with pointed objects. Scratches will have to be replaced. The spectacle of a car, office, or house can be polished using clean soapy water. Vinegar and methylated spirits are also used. These solutions are diluted with water. They are not used in concentrated form. Floor cleaners and sprays are not used.

Window tinting is a great idea to enhance the beauty of vehicles, office windows, house, and building decoration. But any damage to tint can cause a severe issue. Expenditures of a person can run out of hand for any damage to the tinted window. Repairing damage takes steady hand and patience.

Similarly, Window tinting can result in undesirable looks from peeling, scratching, and bubbling of tint. These issues are correctly resolved, and tinted windows are repaired. There are mechanical certified professionals they are always willing to come, and insect tinted windows installed in any area.