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Tips for Renting

Japan has cities, towns, and neighbourhoods that feel more Japanese than others. If you’re looking to live in one of these special areas, Inazawa City might be the perfect choice for you! Here are some tips on how to rent an Inazawa city apartment with ease:

1. Choose Your Renting Location Carefully

First of all, you’ll want to decide where in the city you’d like to live. There are four neighbourhoods in the city: Satou, Chuo, Kami-Iro, and Yambaru. Satou is a business district with a large number of upscale shops and restaurants. Chuo is next to Satou on the other side of the JR train tracks and Ni-Chi is a popular apartment rental area for students. Kami-Iro is located on top of Mt. Hakusan between Inazawa Station and Shiroshima Station. Yambaru is at the bottom of Mt. Hakusan, a little out of the way in the northeast part of Inazawa City. If you’re just moving to Inazawa City and you’re not sure where your apartment is, you may want to check out this blog post by Mark Sutton, an expat who has lived in Japan for many years.

2. Choose an Apartment That Is A Little Bit Outside Your Budget

One thing that many apartments in Japan have in common is that they are very expensive. Don’t worry though, there are ways to still get a great apartment without spending too much. One way is to find an apartment that is a little outside of your budget and negotiate the price with the landlord. As long as you are polite, respectful, and calm during negotiations you can get the price down to what you want it to be.

3. Consider Living in the Background

Another way to get the cost down is to live in the background. Japan is a very visual culture, which means that there are a lot of people who would notice you if you moved into an upscale apartment. Before you move into your new apartment, find out where your neighbours work and look for ones who seem to be quiet or meditative. You can also ask the landlord whether or not he/she can make your apartment as anonymous as possible because some landlords are happy to do so. Alternatively, you could just live on one floor below without putting it on your application, and then move in once you have found a job!

4. Choose a Small Apartment

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Many apartment complexes in Japan have different-sized apartments available. For example, at one complex you can get a spacious apartment that looks out onto the city, but it comes at an expensive price. Alternatively, you could get a small kitchen and living room with a window that faces into the hallway for an affordable price! You can even save money on your utilities by choosing a smaller place! Many landlords will also ask you to pay less or nothing upfront if you choose to live in a small apartment. As long as you don’t need more space than what your budget allows, this is probably the best option from both an economical and practical point of view.

Renting an apartment in Inazawa City is a great choice that can give you many benefits! There are many excellent apartment complexes in the city, each with its own unique amenities. Whether you want to live in a building with a large community, cosy floors or the perfect place close to your new workplace, Inazawa City has plenty of apartments for you to choose from.

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