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Tips For Repair And Restoring Your Old Roof To Look Brand New

The process of roof repairs London varies depending on the type of roof that one has. Restoring a roof also depends on the condition of the roof. If the roof is too old, a roof replacement may be the best thing to do. Here are the main steps to restoring your roof.


It is important to check the roof and repair all the damages. Replace all the broken or cracked tiles on a tile roof. Tighten all the loose screws on a metal roof. Replace or repair flashings before you proceed to the next step.

Pressure cleaning

After doing all the repairs and making sure that the roof is in a good condition, you will need to pressure wash the roof. Clean it with pressures that don’t exceed 3000 p.s.i because exceeding these pressures can also damage your roof. You will need a roof restoration company for this task if you don’t have the necessary tools. You should also be very careful during pressure cleaning not to break the windows and flood the ceiling. You should, therefore, hold the lance at a 60 degrees angle to avoid flooding water in one place.


If you have a tiled roof then you should re-bed or point it. You will need to remove the ridge caps and lay a new bed of concrete. Once your bedding is dry, you can then apply the pointing.


Apply a sealer and a primer but first, you should let the pointing to dry for a night. Use concrete tile sealer or primer if yours is tile roofing. This process is very critical and you need to hire a roof repairs London company to do it for you. The primer should be applied using the recommended rates and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can then apply your favourite paint and your roof will look brand new. Read More: https://roofinglondonontario.ca/roof-repairs-london/

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