Tips for taking your offline business online


Covid has affected every aspect of our lives in the past year. Businesses have gone down; industries have been closed. This pandemic has made all of us think out of the box to keep our businesses alive. By taking their businesses online, people have not only survived the global pandemic, but also have enabled themselves to expand their business to new horizons.

According to the online coupon affiliate website EMUCoupon, a number of new businesses joined the digital world in the last year and acquired their services.

In this article, we will focus on the tricks and techniques that will help businesses prosper online.

Do your market research:

When you shift your business to an online platform, you must research your market. There is a great difference in the marketing techniques of offline and online businesses. You need to assert your presence in the online market and for that, you’ll need new marketing techniques to attract new customers, switch your existing customers to online and advertise through social media. Market research should be the first when starting your business as it will help you understand the demographic of the e-commerce industry as well as the demands of the customers.


  1. Build an efficient website:

The mandatory step towards your online business is making a website for your business. Your website is your outlet in the market and you should make sure it fulfills the requirements. Make sure that there are no bugs and errors in your website. It should have proper categories for your products. The images should be bright and clear and the prices should be mentioned alongside them. Your website is your whole store so it is better to hire a professional and test it multiple times before it goes live.


  1. Maintain your prices:

There shouldn’t be a big difference in the prices of products in your store and on your website. it will create a bad influence on customers and your website will lose credibility. Keep your products and prices updated. Don’t sell your product on a very low price either because it will affect your profit.

  1. Invest in advertising:

Once your website is launched, you should invest in your social media campaign. It plays a very important role in expanding your business and making people aware of your presence in the online market. You could contact bloggers and influencers on different social media platforms to advertise your products. You can also make your own page on social media that posts about your new stock, deals and products.


  1. Focus at the checkout process:

Check out process is the last step of placing an order during online purchase. Buyers’ personal details are required at this step like phone number, address bank accounts etc. Most of the websites focus on the images and pricing of products but flop at the checkout step and that is where they lose customers. It is important that you build trust in your customers about the security of their private information. Keep the payment process as simple as possible, do not add hidden prices at the end of the process as it could affect the customer’s trust in your store and they might never return.

  1. Business name generator tool:

Your online business must have a catchy name that will attract customers. Business name generator tools help new online businesses in creating appropriate names for them. Just enter the type of your business and any related information, the tool using a specific sequence of algorithms will combine longer dictionary words and will generate short branded and catchy names for your website.

  1. Put your store on some existing platform:

The e-commerce industry has advanced extensively over the past decade. There is a lot of competition out there and to beat businesses like amazon and eBay might be a little far fetched. Instead of competing with them, why not become them? platforms like amazon and eBay allow small businesses to launch a store on their website. it could prove very beneficial to you because millions of people use these websites and there is a great chance they come across your store while using it.

  1. Develop techniques to attract customers:

A successful business is the one which keeps looking for ways to attract new customers. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping thousands of new online businesses to do so. AI filters out the users that will actually be interested in buying your product. It will keep them updated about your store and send them discounts and coupons that will boost your sales. AI will keep a list of these people and gather information about their interests and likes and dislikes. This will help you plan your marketing strategies accordingly. AI will also help in creating a responsive website as its chatbots will be available to respond to customers 24/7.


  1. Opportunities and challenges:

We have discussed the tips and tricks of shifting your offline business online. but there are still several people who believe that it is not worth the effort. Time changes and we have to adjust ourselves according to it. We can’t deny the importance of the eCommerce industry as it is inevitable. Here is a list of advantages that you might get if you shift your business online:

       By creating a website for your business, you will save a fortune as you won’t have to spend on store maintenance. You will not have to pay rent, bills and salaries to the working staff.

       You can reach out to the public on a global level. The Internet has a large audience and anyone will have access to our store. This will increase sales.

       You could keep your offline store open for a maximum of 10 -12 hours but with the help of AI and chatbots, your online store will be open 24/7 and will maximize the sales.


We can’t deny the influence of the internet in the business industry. One day or another everything will be online and with offline stores it would be impossible to survive. That’s why you should already start digitizing your business before you lose all your customers to it.