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Tips for the First Dance of the Bride and Groom


The wedding dance minutes are seven-headed creature and you want to pass them as fast as possible? You do not have to know how to dance to leave this unforgettable moment. The most important thing is to define what the two want, so that the moment is very special, not to be a "torture" for anyone.

The song and theme of the dance are important because they show the personality of the couple and the style of the marriage. If it is a traditional wedding, the ideal is that it is a waltz, but it is possible to make it more interesting and increase with a few steps so as not to stay in that one to there and one to here. If the couple is more excited and enjoys a ballad, it is worth trying different choreographies, in which one of the grooms, alone or with the godparents, can dance for the other, or even propose a challenge between the groom and the groomsmen and the bride and godmothers.

In addition, it is possible and common to make a potpourri and put several songs, mixing some more relaxed with other more romantic, according to the creativity of the couple and the choreographer.

Some people prefer the traditional waltz, others prefer to innovate mixing rhythms and with a well rehearsed and modern choreography.

Do not forget to think about the dance time, ideally it should be around 2'30 '' to 3'30 '', so do not be tiring. This makes it necessary to edit the song for the time to be appropriate, so make sure your choreographer knows how to edit songs, after all a bad edition may be the end of the dance.

How much is its price? We already spend so much on the wedding that it even terrifies to think of one more expense, but it has a very good side to it, since the classes for wedding dance are not so expensive. Some schools do not charge the choreographic assembly, only the private lesson for the couple to learn the choreography. In addition, the choice of the teacher is fundamental, look for references, talk to the teacher before, watch some videos, and choose someone to leave you at ease and pass safety. Unfortunately there are a lot of bad people on the market, and a bad choice can ruin the big night and end up being a disappointment.

So, overall, we have separated 10 tips to rock the bride and groom:

1- Make the choice of the music with a certain advance, so you can test and see if it fits well with the choreography.

2- Look for a teacher or dance school for wedding dance lessons to help with the rehearsal and assembly of the choreography. Most already have special packages for bride and groom.

3- If you are not very familiar with the dance, prefer a simpler choreography and watch out for the more exaggerated performances.

4- Remember that you will be dressed during the dance. Perform only adequate steps to your reality.

5- Talk to the ceremonialist not to let the children invade the dance floor.

6 - The dance is much more beautiful when there is a true pairing of the couple. So, more than a good performance try to have fun.

7- If you also dance with your parents, in-laws and other guests, remember to leave more peaceful songs for these occasions.

8- Do not tell the chosen song to anybody or choreography details. Let surprise!

9- Mistakes can happen, but do not call, carry on the joke and keep dancing.

10- Remember that, just like marriage, dancing also needs to match the couple's personality.

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