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Tips for the New Atlanta Sod Buyers

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Many implications are faced by newbies in the Atlanta sod farms when they are buying the sod grass for the first time. It is because they are not aware of the characteristics, special features, pros, and cons of the sod grass they are choosing to buy. Thereby, it is necessary that these newbies get help so that they can make an informed decision and buy the most favorable grass for themselves. They may get professional assistance and tips from sod experts and acting on them can help a great deal.

Handy and Useful Tips for Newbies

These are some of the most enlisted useful tips regarding sod farms that newbies can implement to get a better knowledge of their sod grass:

1-     Pre Planning is a Must

As a newbie in the sod industry, it is imperative that you initially plan everything so that you can best serve your interests in each step. You should write down your interests and needs on paper and then you will not lose any crucial information regarding your chosen sod grass. It will help to save a lot of time and you would not have to search for your listed needs everywhere as you would have it right with you.

2-     Take Accurate Measurements of your Lawn

It is highly crucial for a newbie in Atlanta Sod Farms to know the exact measurement of their lawn regardless if it is a front lawn or a back lawn. If you own a lawn with a proper geometric shape, then it will be very hassle free for you to measure it precisely. However, the contours are not symmetrical every time and for such situations, it is advised that you hire a professional sod expert team to measure your lawn for you.

3-     Get Professional Help

Many new sod buyers make a very common mistake of attempting all tasks themselves. However, it for their own good that they hire a team of professional sod experts who can help them through all the sod installation procedures with acute precision from the start till the end. For this, Atlanta Sod Farm has proven to be one of the best companies and they have many experienced employees to their customers.

4-     Examination of the Soil

It is highly essential to know your soil type because the kind of sod grass you want to install depends entirely on the quality of soil in your lawn. Likewise, it is imperative that you know whether your soil has all the required elements or not, especially its pH level. You can call the sod experts to come to your home and take a sample test, or you can send in your soil sample to the lab and get the results later.

5-     Know the Growing Season

The city of Atlanta experiences both the summers and the winters, however, the summer season is comparatively longer than the winters. More so, the winter season is quite extreme and you may experience snowstorms in it. Thereby, this region has both weather types and now it is up to you whether you want hot weather sod grass or cold weather sod grass. You can decide the seasonal grass according to your preferences, however, people go for summer sod grass more as the summer season stays for longer in Atlanta.

6-     Proper Installation is Crucial

The only best time to install the sod grass is right after it arrives at your place. However, you can lay it till 6 hours but after that, the sod will start to weaken and eventually go to waste. The best proven way to lay the grass is starting from the edges and lay the sod side by side without leaving any gaps in between. Lastly, push the sod down onto the ground softly, as this way the roots will grip the soil firmly.

These are some of the best proven tips for any newbie in the sod farm industry.

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