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Tips For the Safe Use of Brakes and Accelerator While Towing

Towing is a tough job, and only a professional can do it. It is an extremely important task that includes light to heavy-duty towing. Even a small amount of negligence can cost you thousands of dollars. The use of brakes while towing requires expert driving techniques. You have to consider several factors while speeding up or slowing down the towing trailer. 

This article guides you on how to maintain your braking and accelerating system while towing a vehicle. It will help drivers and customers to see if the vehicle is being towed correctly or not. 


It takes longer to stop when you have a towing vehicle attached to your vehicle's back. There should be plenty of stopping distance for applying the brakes and stopping the trailer. 

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Different Types Of Brakes

A trailer has different kinds of brakes, and each of them is used according to the payloads. For example, there are electric brakes and hydraulic surge brakes. The driver of a tow vehicle electrically activated electrical brakes. In some systems, the trailer mimics the tow vehicle's braking system, which is quite helpful in an emergency stop. Hydraulic surge brakes work through the hitch and automatically come into effect when the driver slows down the tow vehicle. 

While using brakes, you should consider the distance between the towing trailer and vehicle while towing. Also, knowing which types of brakes are being used is important. If the trailer uses electric brakes, your vehicle must have the controller to send a signal to the trailer brakes. Therefore, you must check the trailer brakes and read the owner's manual for the instructions. There is also a breakaway brake system that applies the brakes when the trailer becomes loose from the hitch. 


You should keep an eye on your speedometer while accelerating. Usually, it will take time to speed up as you are towing. So, it is recommended to take some time and adjust the level of speed accordingly. Make sure that the trailer and vehicle are properly hitched before you hit the road. Drive slowly at first and then increase the speed according to the trailer's weight and towed vehicle. Also, avoid overtaking, and if you have to, look on both sides (front and back). 


Other Tips For Braking And Accelerating

Keep Your Speed Slow

You can't drive faster while you are towing. It will lead to the collision of vehicles if sudden brakes are applied. Always drive carefully and in slow motion to keep track of your towed vehicle behind. Over speeding will lead to over usage of brakes that can also cause brake failure. 

Have Rearview Mirrors 

Rearview mirrors give you a clear vision of what is happening behind your vehicle. If your trailer doesn't have rearview mirrors, install them at once to have a safer towing experience. 

Stay Focused

Another thing to consider in a tow driver is his ability to focus. A lot of accidents happen because the driver has lost concentration while driving. You must always stay alert and focus on what is ahead of you. 

Check Your Brakes

Always inspect your brakes before towing. A regular inspection would be great to ensure that the brakes are in excellent condition. It will help avoid unwanted situations and brake failures. 

Final Words

Finding the right towing company with towing professionals is crucial to ensure a safe towing experience. They would know how to tow which vehicle and when to apply brakes. Experienced tow drivers can make your towing task easier for you. To know more about an ideal towing company, read this blog. 


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