Tips on Choosing the Right Crawler Crane Hire


When we talk about construction work, one of the things that are an integral part of it is the crane. They are a must-have for seamless completion of tasks at the site. There are different types of cranes that you can find, and each of them has been designed to help in the completion of a specific task.

crawler crane hire

Some of The Common Types of Cranes That You Would Need for Construction Are

1.    Hydraulic boom cranes

2.    Crawler cranes

3.    All-terrain cranes

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4.    Boom trucks

5.    Rough terrain cranes

What Are Crawler Cranes?

Before you read ahead, you must know a bit about crawler cranes. These are mounted on an undercarriage which is equipped with a set of tracks or crawlers. These crawlers provide mobility to the crane and assist in its seamless movement. These cranes are used to lift heavy items which can weigh as heavy as 660 tonnes. These cranes offer a wide range of lifting capacity for application in different fields like heavy-duty work. The best part about these cranes is the fact that it can move around the site allowing easy lifting.

There is always an option of buying a new crane or going ahead with a crawler crane hire. There are several crawler crane hire service providers in the market, but not everyone can provide the right machine. Hence, it becomes essential to choose the right type. In this blog, we will be unfolding various points that one needs to take into consideration before going ahead with crawler crane hire.

Crawler Crane Hire

Key Points To Consider Before Going Ahead With Crawler Crane Hire

  1. Capacity of the crawler crane- One of the first things that you will need to enquire while going ahead with crawler crane hire is the capacity of the crane. We have already mentioned that crawler cranes can lift weight as heavy as 660 tonnes, but these cranes are available in different variants, so you must enquire what the capacity of the crane is.
  2. The condition of the crawlers- Since the cranes stabilize on  crawlers, it becomes important that the crawlers should be in a good condition which allows easy movement of the crane. All these ensure seamless functioning. Before going ahead with a crawler crane hire, you must check the condition of the crawlers before making a purchase.
  1. Crane condition- Another important point that you need to take into consideration is the condition of the crane. Since it will be used in lifting heavy objects, it becomes important that you must choose a crane which is in good condition so that there are no accidents while using the same. You must take a look at the machinery and parts of the crane. If you observe lose nuts or rusting on the crane, then it is a red flag.
  2. Check the reviews and ratings of the crawler crane hire service provider- Since there are many crawler crane hire service providers, it becomes important that you check the reviews and ratings of the crawler crane hire service provider you plan to hire. It will help you understand whether or not the company is trustworthy and credible.
  3. Costing- One of the factors that you must not miss while going ahead with crawler crane hire is the costing. You can explore different options and ask for quotation, based on which you can choose the right crawler crane hire service provider.

Final Thoughts- The above-mentioned pointers are valid for other types of crane options too. However, you must never settle with lower price and compromise on the quality and performance of the cranes.