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Tips On How Different Components Of Solar Panels Work Tips On How Different Components Of Solar Panels Work

Commercial solar San Diego panel converts sunlight into DC current to charge the battery. The DC electricity goes to the battery through the solar regulator and this makes sure that the battery is properly charged so that it doesn’t get damaged. You can power the DC appliances directly from the battery but you will need an inverter if you have AC appliances to convert the DC current into AC current.

Solar panels

Solar panels are classified according to their power output in watts. Different areas receive different quantities of peak sun hours in a day. The rating of solar panels is the amount of electricity the panel is expected to produce during 1 peak hour of the sun. Solar panels can be connected in parallel or series in order to increase the current and the voltage. The cell operating temperature affects the solar panel output.

Solar regulators

Your  should install the right regulators for your system. The purpose of regulators is to regulate the amount of current from the solar to prevent damaging the battery by overcharging. Overcharging the battery causes gassing and makes the battery to lose electrolyte and this eventually damages the batteries.

Regulators are used to sense when the battery is full to stop or reduce the amount of current flowing to the battery.


Inverters are used to convert DC electricity to AC electricity. They come in two basic output designs, the modified sine wave and the pure sine wave.

Commercial solar San Diego panels needs powerful inverters to power the whole business. Inverters are rated by the amount of power they can supply continuously. Inverter manufacturers provide surge figures that give an idea of how much power the inverter can supply for 5 seconds a half an hour before the overload protection of the inverter trips and disconnects the power. Read More: https://www.revel-energy.com/commercial-solar-san-diego/

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