Monday, October 2, 2023
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Tips On How To Attract More Customers In The Digital Age

The digital age offers business owners an extraordinary way for them to connect with and attract new customers online, which is a boom for anyone building a retail or service-based business.

Ideas On How To Find More Customers

The internet is a humongous place, which means there is opportunity everywhere! To help inspire you on how to attract more customers and grow your business, here are a few ideas to captivate your audience and increase your website visibility.

Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

Establishing a content marketing strategy helps to keep your website competitive. Adding fresh content to your site helps to keep the major search engines interested in your site and offerings. Additionally, helpful content works as a shareable asset you can post on social media, industry-related sites, and other outlets on the internet. These references back to your site help to build credibility, as well as send qualified visitors to your site.

Make Sure You Have Cross-Platform Coverage  

It makes sense that the more platforms you have a presence on, the more likely you are to attract and connect with a new customer. For instance, if you are selling physical items online, striking pictures of your items shared on sites like Pinterest and Instagram can help to interest new buyers to your site.

Meet Requirements With An Updated Website

In the new decade, website owners and operators who aren't making strides to keep up with the increased technical and security demands of the major search engines. If you have an older or a relatively inactive website presence, it is worth reviewing your site and making upgrades as needed to meet the more stringent demands of today's modern website visitor.

Loyalty Programs 

If you want to build a robust customer base, offering a loyalty program is an innovative way to encourage repeat business or in-store visits. If you have a brick and mortar store, increasing foot traffic at your storefront helps raise average receipts.

The best part of offering a loyalty program is customization. Depending on the nature of your business, your loyalty program might provide access to exclusive deals, a redeemable birthday gift, or a freebie after a set amount of purchases. It's no secret that people love sales. If you make a great offer your loyal customers can't resist, it is an excellent reason for them to buy more while they are at your location.

Email Marketing

Don't overlook the importance of Email marketing as a way to attract new customers in the digital age. According to recent statistics, the average expected return on every dollar spent on email marketing is $42. With that kind of return on the line, it's pound foolish not to use this proven marketing tool.

SMS Marketing 

SMS or text message marketing offers an effective way to connect with customers using the one device very few leave the house without - their Smartphone. According to statistics, over 90% of Americans own a phone with text messaging capabilities. 95% of all text messages, on average, get read in three minutes or less. For companies with a physical location, this allows you to increase foot traffic or drive sales almost instantly. Restaurant owners or managers can send a quick text to let people know about a special offer. This marketing approach helps get instant results.

Paid Advertising 

For business and website owners who want to get high visibility in search engines without having to wait for significant amounts of time to rank organically, paid advertising offers a way to get to the top of search results quickly. When launching a paid advertising campaign, it's critical to optimize your landing pages to increase conversions. Otherwise, a sloppy or fuzzy campaign might end up costing you money, without getting a return on the investment.

Google My Business

Another way to help ensure that your business website comes up in top search results is by claiming your Google My Business listing. Google My Business is a free service that helps build your local presence and get trusted references back to your website. Once you've added your information to Google My Business, they send a postcard with a verification code to prove your physical location. Once verified, your business has an increased chance of turning up in results for the services that you added to your listing details.

Get Better Results

If you want to grow your customer base, we hope these suggestions help to inspire you with some fresh ideas.

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