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Tips on How to Make Your Patio Umbrella High Wind


Most umbrella owners will tell you that at one point in time they have experienced a sudden and unexpected gust of wind or sudden storm that has resulted in them remaining with a damaged umbrella. Well, this is normally caused by putting your umbrella in a patio umbrella table but neglecting to secure it in an umbrella base. For you to have a high wind patio umbrella, it is important that you select the right size patio umbrella stand so that the wind doesn't blow the umbrella out of the base.

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How to Go About It

  • Always use an outdoor umbrella stand for all your patio umbrellas.

This tip may seem very simple, but it is true that you do need an outdoor umbrella stand to hold your patio umbrella even if it is supported by an outdoor patio table.

  • A patio umbrella that is not stabilized by a table requires a heavier umbrella stand.

Patio umbrellas are not stable on their own thus the need for heavier umbrella stands. You can make use of tables to provide additional support just in case the model you have picked requires you to be put through tables. With this kind of patio umbrellas, the additional support takes some of the emphasis off the base weight through the base weight is still pivotal. You need to consider the amount of weight that is needed to make your patio umbrella steady. Being weighted down reduces the chances of the outdoor umbrella tumbling down when moved or shaken thus making it a high wind patio umbrella.

  • By closing or tying it when not in use

There are different designs of patio umbrellas that you may find some that come with niceties such that you can close it down and tie the sashes around it when not in use just to make it secure. But just in case it does not come with any ties then it is a good idea to use a patio umbrella bungee cord.

  • Go for Umbrellas with the stronger aluminum frame and fiberglass ribs

When it comes to choosing high wind patio umbrellas you would rather go for those with aluminum frame rather than a wooden one. Also, choose one that has vents on the top to let air blow through.

Having a patio umbrella that is wind resistant is something that every owner should desire. With the above tips you and bound to make an informed choice to go out and get yourself one.

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