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Tips On How To Recognize An Ant Infestation

Now, this can be a real headache to get sorted with. If you notice ants in your place just consider it as a red flag and get going with the solution to get rid of the. Ants cannot be stopped from moving all over your food, in your almirah, and other places if the infestation grows. There is nothing to panic about it, but all you need to do is start working now.

Please take a look all across your place and check from where they are coming. Track them down and check for their nest. Once you reach the place where they have made their castle, the war with ants is on. You need to check whether they are just regular black ants or red ones.

If you find the red ant infestation at your home, quickly call for the pest control professional and ask for their help. Red ants or carpenter ants can cause damage to your furniture and can also sting you real hard. Their sting can cause itchiness and rashes on your skin.

Pest control professionals are well experienced and have the right resources to fight the infestation out. All you need to do is to give them a call and sit back and relax. But before you call them, let us have a look and understand whether it is a bad infestation.

Why Get Rid Of Ants?

Why not? It is your house, and why would you give it to ants to destroy and live with you. Moreover, it is not hygienic to have an infestation of any kind of pests in your house. They invade your property and grow their families giving harm to your family and furniture. Moreover, think of a situation where you have guests at your place and essential colleagues whom you have called for dinner, and they notice ants in your kitchen.

Imagine the kind of embarrassment you will have to face. It is unhygienic, and from next time nobody will even think of revisiting your place. It is better to get rid of these ants and live in a clean and hygienic environment; after all, it is all that you dreamt of before buying the property, right??

How To Recognise An Ant Infestation?

Let us have a look at some tips with the help of which you can get to know whether it is an ant infestation or not:

Look Over The Leftover Food

You might be leaving food outside when you do not notice any ants in your home. But if you see ants on your food that you left out or ants in the bowl of your pet, then this is a sign of ant infestation. Ants have entered your house, and you must get them out before they begin to make colonies in your home.

Wood Shavings

Look for wood shavings if you notice that there are many wood shavings in your house then you might be under an attack from the carpenter ants. These ants are dangerous to your furniture. They will eat up the wood and will make it hollow.

Check Moisture All-Around

The carpenter ants are fond of cold and damp areas. If you notice water or cool spot or wet area, then work on it and dry it out. Do not give ants a chance to invade your property. Look for any rotten wood lying at your home, throw it out. Look for leaks in your faucets or taps and get them repaired. These small things will prove to be of a considerable help any fighting with an ant infestation

Do Not Offer Them A Treat

Yes!! It is you who invites them inside by leaving food all-around lying just like that. You sink full of dirty utensils. The gas stove is not clean; you have leftover food lying unattended openly. They forgot to close the lid of your cookie jar or the sugar box. These things might seem to be very small but can be an excellent option for ants to come and have a ball in your property.

Take A Look For The Colonies Of Ants

If you think that there are a lot of ants near your house or in the backyard or your garden, then you must take a walk and check for their colonies. Yes!! It might be the case that the ants have infested the outdoors of your house and are entering from there. If you find any such raise volcano of mud from where the ants are oozing out, you must get rid of it. Do not try to do it alone but call for pest control professionals. Getting things done by professionals will greatly help as they are experienced in handling such situations.

Listen To Your Walls

This might sound crazy, but carpenter ants are active during the night and build their nest. If you have an infestation in your home, then you might notice rattling sound or crawling sounds in your walls. This is easier to see as the night time because of no noises from outside.

Check For The Track

Ants are known as the most disciplines insects. They follow a track and then work according to a set pattern. If you notice a path or a trail of ants walking around in your house, you need to trace them. It might be the case that they have a nest inside your home and store food in it. It would help if you worked it out else this will be a severe issue when the weather changes or they start to grow.

Why Have The Ants Infested Your House?

Once you are sure that ants have infested your house, the first question that will hit your mind is why the ants have infested your house. Ants may be in your house for several reasons: lack of proper cleaning, cracks in your foundation; weeds near your home; or other factors. We understand that pests can invade your home for numerous reasons and know that consideration of different potential reasons for an ant infestation is essential. Call for pest control professionals who will diagnose the cause of the problem and help you resolve the infestation.


You got all the things positive and are sure that ants infest your house. Now what? The next thing you need to do is either follow home remedies and try your luck. Or the best thing is to hire pest control professionals and let them do their work. They will reach to the solution of the infestation to the core. They will help you out with a wholly vanished infestation.

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