Tips On How To Sell Your Gift Cards in Nigeria


If you opened your wallet right, chances are very good that you will find at least one unused gift card in there. Maybe you have been waiting for the right moment to use it or maybe it was a gift to a store you never liked. Either way, that gift card isn’t doing you any good going unused.

One study revealed that nearly three billion dollars of gift cards are never used! That means the purchaser essentially gave the company the money for nothing. Thankfully, there’s a great way to get value from that gift card and let the cash go straight to your bank account.

Before you start digging through your wallet and drawers to find your old, unused cards, take a minute to review these expert tips on the best ways to sell gift cards in Nigeria:

Do your research

Before you trust the random website out there promising to give you cash for your gift card, do your research. You want to choose a secure website (denoted by the lock symbol in the address bar) since you’ll be sharing your bank account information to get paid.

You also want to select a company that is recognized and duly registered under Nigerian Law. While places may say they’re offering you more money or higher trade value, they might not be telling you 100% of the truth. It is better to take a little less on the trade and be certain that your bank account information and your transaction are completely secure and trustworthy.

It is typically unwise to sell gift cards to individuals on public social media sites as there is no guarantee of a fair transaction and no standard to follow. Using a reputable company like gcbuying.
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com ensures a smooth and fair process and there are customer service representatives available to answer questions and assist if needed.

Sell your most popular gift cards

The value you receive from your redeemed gift card depends on the popularity of the company. For example, gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Ikea, and Netflix are very popular and will most likely result in a more competitive trade price.

If you are not able to sell your gift card, you can always try to swap it with a friend, give it to someone else as a gift or donate it.


Use a rate calculator to know how much you’ll receive

When you sell your unwanted gift cards, you won’t receive 100% of the value in the exchange. It may be necessary for you to use a rate calculator to estimate how much you’ll receive and whether or not you want to proceed with the sale.

Our rate calculator is very easy to use. Just enter the gift card company, select your specific card, and then enter the remaining gift card balance. The calculator will then calculate the value of the sale.

To get started selling your gift cards in Nigeria today with GCBUYING:

       Login to your user account and review your dashboard. You will have three options to choose from: “Sell Gift Card”, “Withdraw”, and “Update Bank Info”.

       Click on “Update Bank Info” and indicate where the payment will be sent directly to.

       If you would like to sell a gift card, simply click on “Sell Gift Card” and fill out the form as required. Click on “Submit” and wait for processing.

       Once the trade has been successfully processed, your GCBUYING account will be instantly credited with the naira equivalent. You can review your account balance from the user dashboard.

       Click on “Withdraw Now” to withdraw the funds from your GCBUYING account. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, click on “Submit,” and await approval.

       As soon as your withdrawal request is processed, you will immediately receive the payment directly to your bank account.