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Tips on How To Start CNA School

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The nursing profession needs additional help for carrying out of regular health care tasks. Hence, the need for CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants). There is much demand for CNA’s as well as for institutions to train them. Entrepreneurs in this field are very much interested in how to start CNA School.

CNA positions are occupied basically by individuals who aspire to become Registered Nurses but have not been able to secure admissions; they wish to gather as much experience as they can to successfully pass entrance exams for nursing schools or medical colleges. Thus, there is much demand for CNA schools.

In case one has decided to open a certified CNA School, the first step should be to carry out market surveys and feasibility studies. This will help in locating the school in a city or community with the right demographics, where there is a demand for the school.

So, if one is interested in this line of business, with adequate planning, one can easily set up one’s school. If the school is located near an educational hub or health services, be sure that there will be many nursing aspirants trooping into the school.

Industry overview

The state of the economy determines the demand for CNA schools. High unemployment has resulted in individuals to seek additional training and education since employers are enhancing their training needs to stay competitive. But with rising costs of four-year degree programs, demand for vocational training is on an upswing. Professions in the service industry are in high demand like never before.

Because of the fact that it will be stressful to gain accreditation for a new CNA school in the US, it is notable that there is under saturation of the industry.

Demographics and economic analysis

The demographic compositions of aspirants for CNA schools are individuals who aspire to become Registered Nurses but haven’t gained admission in nursing schools or medical colleges. 

Before venturing into the business, one must conduct thorough market research and feasibility studies. Starting a CNA school is not for rookies. It is for professionals who have gained success in gathering the needed Public Health and Nursing experience to train aspiring Nursing Assistants.

To begin such a business, one must acquire the required degrees and professional certification, accreditation by the government and also maintain good working relationships with all stakeholders in this industry. In case you are a seasoned veteran in the education industry or technical and trade schools, such issues may be minimal.

Another issue is to decide whether to operate as a franchise of an existing CNA school or start from scratch. Studies reveal that though it is comparably expensive to buy a franchise of a reputed school, it will surely pay much in the long run.

However, if one is interested in building one’s own brand after proving one’s worth in the trade and technical school industry, starting the school from scratch might be the best option.

Threats and challenges

In case one has decided to start a CNA school, one major challenge to be faced is the proliferation of already well established and certified CNA schools as well as universities offering the same program. One can tackle this issue only by creating one’s own market.

Some other challenges faced while opening CNA schools in the US are adverse policies of the government, the emergence of a competing school in one’s locality and turndown in the global economy, impacting the business.

Insurance policies

In countries like the US, one cannot operate a business without basic insurance policy covers. The following are some insurance covers one needs to buy, before starting CNA business:


  • Risk insurance
  • General insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Financial insurance
  • Worker’s compensation 
  • Liability insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Group insurance for business owners
  • Insurance for payment protection 

Professional certification 

Certification helps validate one’s competency and indicates that one is skilled, up to date and committed. To run a certified CNA school, one can work on the following certifications:


  • RN (Registered Nurse)
  • Certified Trade/Education instructor
  • Degree in nursing and Public Health 

Note that to run a CNA school, anywhere in the US, one must arrange business license and professional certifications even if one has much experience in the education or trade school industry. These are all some tips on how to start CNA School.

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