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5 Tips on How to Travel for Free if You're a Blogger


By Malorie Mackey

Let’s face it; most people dream of having a successful blog that allows them to travel the globe on someone else’s dime. But for most people, all it can ever be is a dream. However, there are people out there making this dream their reality. While we can’t give you a successful site overnight, we are here to provide5 tips to help you travel for free with your blog.

Have a good blog with credible content

The first step is simply to have a good blog with credible content. But this is much easier said than done. This requires a designer to help you create the perfect site and theme for your desired aesthetic. You also need to begin writing about all your travel experiences across the globe to create a credible catalog of content so people will trust your advice. Increasing traffic is important, too. Having good traffic helps your blog look more credible and professional. So, as simple as this step sounds, it will be the hardest step to create and build your blog.

Have active social media accounts that are curated for travel

In today’s time, having an active social media following is everything. Businesses want you to visit them and share their locations with your followers, but that only works if you have a large following. This is especially true with Instagram and Facebook. In order to achieve the best following possible, you need to post eye-catching travel content that will make people stop scrolling, follow you, and head to your page.

Partner with PR firms

There are public relations firms out there that also represent specific destinations. Finding one of these firms to partner with is essential in getting a fully covered trip for your blog. In order to partner with a PR firm, you need to have a substantial following and a credible blog already. So, once you have the first two steps down, it should be relatively easy to accomplish this step. These firms will set up trips through the destinations they represent that cover all travel, lodging, and food for bloggers and media companies. The more of these you go on, the more you will network, and the more people you will be able to work with to do this.

Work with Tourism Boards for flights

When traveling to any location to cover it for your blog, be sure to begin a conversation with that country’s tourism board. They may be able to help you get free lodging or meals at certain locations looking to be sponsored within that country. More importantly, they may be able to help you get your flight to that location covered. In fact, it can be relatively easy getting sponsored hotels and meals when you partner directly with a hotel, but flights are always hard to cover. The tourism board is the best tool you can use to try and cover your flight.

Actively reach out, check-in, and deliver

Before jumping in and emailing every place you wish to travel to, take your time and come up with a plan. Put together a proposal personalized for each place you wish to visit that states exactly what you need and what you can bring to the table for them in exchange. It is a sale, so be clear on what you can do to help them. Be sure to include your blog’s metrics and audience statistics. Once you have this, be sure to actively reach out to each location. Don’t be afraid to follow up, as sometimes that is what it takes to be seen. And, most importantly, be sure you can deliver. Always follow through and deliver on your end of an agreement whether it be with the tourism board, with a hotel, or with an airline.

Follow the above steps, and you will be living the dream in no time, traveling the world and sharing your experiences with everyone.

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