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Tips To Achieve Better Results From Guest Blogging

Guest posting is among the most popular strategies for content marketing. When performed correctly, it can help a business expand its online audience. Where many guest posts get only mediocre results, there are a few guest posts that achieve immense success.

Do you know why it happens? This is because the bloggers use the right ways to implement guest blogging that helps them generate better results. This article shares with you the best practices and ways to perform guest posting.

Optimize Your Guest Post

To make your guest post rank higher on the search engine results, you will require optimizing it. It will help a guest blogger to benefit from high ongoing traffic. So, when your post drives high traffic, it will get more continued exposure for the article as well as your business. When that blog gets listed in the search engines, it has the potential to attract a greater number of backlinks who read that article.

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In addition to acquiring a backlink from the reputed website, a business also attracts inbound links that will also benefit the guest blogger’s blog to some extent. The key is to write a high-quality article and constantly promote it to rank on the first web page of search engine results.

Make Your Guest Post Look Authentic

It is often noticed that bloggers get so engrossed writing a blog post, that they forget to add credibility boosters in their post. The addition of screenshots, results, statistics, and data, can help boost the credibility of your among viewers.

Promote Your Old Guest Posts

Guest blogging is one of the reliable ways to get in front of the established audience of any blog. This built-in exposure makes guest blogging a very attractive technique for any business. The key to improving the SEO of a blog is to advertise the old guest posts that you have written on authority sites.

This simple trick can help drive plenty of traffic and obtain massive exposure. Now the question comes, how to promote old posts. It can be done in two ways. Reference your old guest posts via guest articles written on your blog. It helps more and more people to discover your content that could lead to more natural links.

Alternatively, you can post your old posts frequently from the same blog. It will help people find your content and the internal links that your content yields will assist with SEO.

More than promoting your old guest blogs by linking to them, you can convince readers of the importance of the article. It will make them interested to click on that link and figure it out. The addition of an image with descriptive text helps in drawing their attention to the link.

Look For Other Blogs Outside Your Niche

There is a possibility that the audience in other blogs may be interested in your business. Getting featured in blogs that fall within the blogger’s niche helps develop credibility and authority. However, in some cases, featuring your blogs outside the niche can prove to be beneficial sources of traffic, and sales leads.

Targeting blogs that operate out of your niche makes you position yourself as an expert. This is because you are not competing with your competitors on those blogs.


Guest posting is a brilliant strategy to enhance the SEO results of a business. The above tips and techniques will help you scale your blog’s growth in unprecedented ways.

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