Tips to Boost Your Employee’s Immune System During COVID-19


While keeping your immune system strong and healthy is always important, it's especially crucial during a global pandemic. It goes without saying that following the guidelines of public health experts to decrease exposure to the virus is a vital first step. Social distancing doesn't have to mean social isolation; it simply involves adjusting your level of contact with others to decrease the likelihood of transmission. Practicing good hygiene is a must, too. Obviously, improving your immune system is impossible to do overnight. But small, consistent steps can make a real difference in your health, making you less susceptible to a variety of illnesses — including COVID-19, and lead to a greater overall sense of well-being. Natural measures can help a great deal, and so can time-honored practices for increasing feelings of connection and comfort. Here are several.

1. Healthy Connections

Strong, life-giving relationships with friends, family, and community are associated with better health and increased immunity. It should be a priority for you to maintain the healthy relationships you have, reach out for support when you need it, and give back to the community in some way. It doesn't have to be complicated; something as simple as making a phone call, going for a quick walk with a friend, or gathering supplies for a community shelter (and delivering them!) all have powerful benefits. Struggling in that area? Fortunately, the explosion of online assistance through telehealth and support groups can help, giving you the courage to reach out in real life. There's no need to feel shame about feeling lonely in these times; it takes even more intentionality now to keep ongoing relationships alive and well. Take a risk! Your body, soul, and immune system will thank you for it.

2. Nourishing Diet

There's a good chance that you're now consuming home-prepared meals now than ever. It's a great opportunity to take a good look at your intake and plan to eat as many nutrient-dense, whole foods as possible. Focus particularly on antioxidant-rich foods to boost your immunity and protect from free radical damage: green leafy vegetables, spinach, garlic, green tea, peppers, and most berries. Small amounts of dark chocolate will also increase your antioxidant level.

3. Herbs and Supplements

Want to strengthen your immune system and make your meals more interesting? Herbs like ginger, licorice, garlic, and turmeric have powerful immune-boosting powers. They're anti-inflammatory and antiseptic as well, protecting and healing the body. You might be considering an easy-to-remember, straightforward regimen to strengthen you from the inside out. Take a look at le-vel thrive reviews for information and support.

4. Mindful Practices

Any kind of mindful activity that combines movements of the body, mind, and energy system has a potent effect on general health and wellness. You may choose from activities like Pilates, yoga, tai-chi, and breathing exercises. These powerful practices help to balance the body's cardio-respiratory, nervous, and immune system. Meditation, contemplation, and prayer can also help soothe and provide effective protection against feelings of stress and overwhelm, effectively protecting you against viral and bacterial infections. The repetitive aspects of mindful practices also provide a scaffolding of routine, always beneficial but especially so during this time of COVID-19.

5. Quality Sleep

Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do to recover from stress, give your body a chance to rest and repair, and restore a deep sense of comfort. It's rejuvenating and helps prepare all systems of your body to work as effectively as possible. If you don't get enough sleep and end up in a state of sleep deprivation, you're more prone to feel stress, experience cortisol spikes, and reduce the production of immune-enhancing cytokines. Adequate sleep helps to modulate your immune response so that your body can effectively fight all types of infection. Your hormonal system benefits, too — a big advantage at any age.

6. Sufficient Exercise

Move your body often and in the right way. It's one of the most effective ways to elevate your overall functioning and bolster your immune system to provide necessary protection. Make sure it's safe, sustainable, and health-practitioner approved; check with your clinician to be sure you're choosing exercises that are appropriate for your stage of life, and that address muscle strength (including core), cardiovascular health, flexibility, and range of motion. Get outdoors to exercise as much as you can. Pick something you enjoy! Then you'll be more likely to maintain it.

7. Adequate Hydration

Water is crucial for body functioning — it's the essence of life. Drinking around 3-4 liters of water per day maintains body temperature, boosts metabolism, flushes toxins, and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. It also helps your immune system operate efficiently and decreases stress.

Staying safe and healthy during COVID-19 is a multifaceted process. Consider these tips to improve your immunity.