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Tips To Brighten Up The Office

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Many people are working from home because of the current pandemic. While this can be a blessing for some people – they get to work while having home comforts around and it makes things a little easier. Some people have a hard time because they have a difficult time focusing, with distractions around them, and this makes them hate their workspace.


While there is no way of helping you with the distractions you have to deal with when working from home, the best we can do is to give you a couple of tips that are going to help in brightening the home office space. This will leave you with a more pleasant space to work in, and you will feel a little more motivated to tackle the tasks ahead of you. If you want to brighten your home office, use the tips below because they will go a long way.


Looking for inspiration 

If you don’t have any ideas in mind about your home office, then visit Instagram and Pinterest because you are going to get a lot of inspiration. Whether you want ideas that you are going to work on for some time or simple touches that you can do in a day or two, you will most likely find something that you like.


Personal Touches 

One of the best things about having a home office is that you can add your personal touches as much as you like. Whether it is quirky accessories and décor, or adding photos of your loved ones, you are the one to decide. Having photo frames on your desks can be great because you get to work while looking at your loved ones.


If you don’t have enough space on your desk to put photo frames, then consider another way. Working from home means you can have as many cups as you like. Get photo mugs or insulated water bottles if you want to always have your loved one close by. You are going to smile every time you look at your loved one when taking a sip of your favorite drink.


Whether you choose to go with the classic collage or designing one that is going to match your personality, there is always something for everyone. Adding a custom coaster is going to add more inspiration and brighten your day even more.


Brightening Up Your Walls 

A wall is an important part of the room that can have the biggest impact on its look. If you don’t have enough space on your desk for photo frames, the wall provides you with a large space. You can have your favorite photos on the wall of your home office. There are a lot of things you can have on your wall apart from photos of your loved ones. You can have wall art, office graphics, from acrylic to canvas prints, framed prints, and posters. 


Whether you choose to go with colorful poster prints or a single canvas print, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Some people are usually stuck when it comes to choosing the snaps to use because they are not sure. It is a good idea to have photos against neutral colored walls. This is important because it ensures things are not going to look too busy, which is going to make the photos the focal point of the room. One good thing about this is the fact you have a lot of options, which means you will most likely find one that works for you. 



No one likes working in a cluttered space. One of the easiest ways of brightening up your office is a spring clean. Remove clutter, give the surface a good dust-up, and tidy away anything that you are not using. You should also try your best to keep on top of the small tasks such as removing empty mugs and plates when done with them and emptying the bin. A tidy desk will leave you with a tidy mind.


The Position of Your Desk 

You should consider rearranging your workspace if you can. According to interior design experts, it is a good idea to have the desk position in a way that it faces the room instead of the wall, but not everyone will have this option. What should you do if you want the best position for your desk? If there is no option of the desk facing the room, the best alternative is against the window. This is going to work because there will be a lot of natural light while ensuring the space doesn’t feel cramped.


Colorful Accessories 


You can brighten up a home office and make it more welcoming by adding pops of color. Use brightly colored frames for your desk photos. You can also get personalized stationery that has colorful touches. If you choose to get a canvas print (or any other print), have fun backgrounds and bright colors, as long as it matches the color scheme. Doing this is going to leave your home office looking more colorful.


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