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Tips to Buy the Digital Torque Tools for Yourself

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Fasteners are the most used hardware elements without which joining two different parts seem to be next to impossible. When you want to tightly fix two mechanical parts, it is the fastener that will help you in the process. Now, each fastener is given a particular torque which affects the tightness of the same. The higher the torque, the more will be the tightness intensity and vice versa.

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For providing the force to the nuts, bolts, and other fasteners, you will need a torque wrench. Several types of wrenches are nowadays present in the market, out of which the digital torque tools have become the most famous one. These come with a digital display that will show you the accurate value of the torque force and other parameters related to it.

With so many options for digital torque, you will definitely find yourself in more problems. You can’t get the wrong wrench tool as digital technology is somehow still unreliable. So, to ensure that your choice is the best in the market, we have discussed some of the essential facts you need to know at the earliest.

Size of the digital torque wrench:

Different digital torque tools have different sizes, and hence, you should buy one which will be helpful for your job. The size is calibrated based on the purpose. Therefore, the following explanation will give you a clear idea about the digital wrench sizes.

  • ¼” wrenches are perfect for providing torque force to the small nuts and bolts which you can usually see on bicycles, benches, cabinets, and on.
  • 3/8” wrenches can generate 150 to 75 ft-lb of force and are used in most of automobiles.
  • ½” wrenches are suited for larger nuts which you can find in the suspensions.

Calibration and accuracy of reading:

Since we are talking about the digital torque tools, you need to ensure that the wrenches are calibrated correctly. Even though the digital tools can provide accurate readings up to two to three decimal points, any mistake in the calibration will cause huge changes in the readings, which will further affect the mechanical parts kept joined by the fasteners.

Cost of the digital wrench:

Digital wrenches are not at all cheap. They are costly because the technology used in the reading, and producing the results is practically new. Hence, they will obviously cost more than the normal manual wrenches. So, while buying the digital torque tools, make sure that their price is at par with your budget range. There is no point in buying a wrench that costs way too much as compared to your decided budget.

Material with which the wrench is made:

The digital torque tools are made from high-quality materials which ensure that the tool can last longer, even when subjected to regular abrasions, and wear and tear. High grade polymer usually forms the outer frame while the inner parts are made from an alloy so that the device can be used to apply large amount of circular force to the nuts and bolts.

Torque units calibrated in the wrench:

Since the digital wrench is a measuring device, it will be calibrated in different units of the torque force, starting from kgf-m , N-m, lb-ft, and so on. With so many variations, you need to choose the wrench with the correct unit calibration based on your requirements. In some wrenches, multiple units are computed while in some other units, only a single unit form is present. 

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The digital torque tools run on batteries. So, make sure to get one with extended battery life that will help you to carry on with your work easily, without having to worry about the tool becoming ineffective. Also, make sure you are following the points we have mentioned above so that you can have the best digital torque tools for yourself

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