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Tips to Choose Best Luxury Yoga Retreat

Luxury yoga retreats are what dreams are made of but you need to look up a few pointers when torn between many options of great retreats around the world. Read to make a well thought out selection.

We are living in the age of information. That means, over a thousand enterprise’s business listings will definitely pop up before you get on searching for the best luxury yoga retreats on the world wide web. But does that lessen our quandary in picking the right one suited for our unique mind, body, and soul? No! More the options, even more, the confusion.

From India, the land of birth of yoga to Thailand, the center of Buddhist peace meditation, tao, and zen, to far South Africa- where the Swami Sivananda creed of yoga took roots, there are several places all over the globe glowing with the great yogic legacy. There are yoga retreats highlighting unique yoga styles (ever heard of an aerial yoga retreat?), and then there are yoga lessons presented in combination with some other great fun, inspiring activities on some retreats, let’s say, a yoga-hiking break, or a yoga with surf retreat. When every option sounds as great as the one next, should you decide with a toss? We say, take a look at these following pointers and take an informed decision there--

Weeks-long Crisp Ones Make The Cut

Time-efficiency can actually determine a big deal about your satisfaction with a luxury yoga retreat. While there are long and elaborate teacher training programs available with yoga, spanning over a month and more, there are also week-long crisp programs to indulge in mind and body.

When you are in the mood to just holiday and looking to deepen your understanding and personal practice, a retreat can meet your choices without taking up too many days. A breezy asana discipline, meditation and breath attentive practices, the right kind of food, included trips, a luxurious accommodation, and a delighting social mixing with people your type for a week or two at an exotic location-- sounds just right, and good, doesn’t it?

Location Is Key

All the earth is paradise and when you are able to be truly soulful, the beauty of the world can never escape your eyes. Yet, location remains key when finalizing a luxury yoga retreat because you need to strike a chord with the nature, history, and heritage of a place that’s going to be your meditational platform in the coming days. Ask yourself truthfully-- an enlivening beach scene or a calm mountainscape? Spaghetti straps in the humid summers of southeast Asia or bonfire nights in the chill of Himalayan retreats? Also, if you are a true culture-vulture sort of an intellectual, you will find your niche at luxury yoga retreats in India in places like Mysore, Udaipur, or Hampi. Flourishing hotbeds of classical Indian arts and architecture give these places a demeanor of their own.

Throw In A Mix Of Other Activities

Seven days of a long-awaited holiday and nothing but yoga and meditation to do? That would be unfair. Choose a place where a mix of other fun activities can be thrown in. Choose whitewater adventures-included retreats at Rishikesh in India- the world yoga capital, Chiang Mai luxury retreats for some indulgence in Thai massage, taking a Thai language class, and martial arts. Select retreats featuring Ayurveda, naturopathy, crystal healing, or zen meditation alongside the Vedic stream of yoga. More the options to foray into these relative fields of alternate healing, your knowledge will come full circle.

Make Luxury A Priority

Luxury yoga retreats are here to dispel popular theories of yoga being contrary with comfort, opulence, and regal living. You can go hardline into the discipline all you like and yet take pleasure in the luxury you deserve. Magnificent suits and villas overlooking stunning vistas to live at, tastefully furnished interiors, celebrated tastes from luxury kitchens, and round the clock chaperon-- lie the perfect picture of a great life with yoga.

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