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Tips to Consider when Buying a Welding Machine



The welding industry has gained popularity over the years   thanks to the rise in technology. A lot of welding equipment has emerged giving welders an easy time while doing their job.  Getting a good welding machine can be hard but here, I will guide you through getting the best one.

 The Power supply

Whether you are using your equipment at home or your workshop, always ensure that there is adequate power supply. This is because your power supply determines the amount of heat produced by the welder. The power supply should be 110, 240 or 415 volts, with that kind of power you can be sure that your weld will produce sufficient and enough heat to melt the metal you are working on.

The material to be welded

When you want to buy a welder, ensure that you are specific on the type of material you need to weld. Although welders can perform many tasks, the type of material to be welded is very critical. Here are examples to guide you through; steel materials require welding machines that are mild and have low carbon, gold, require jeweller grades, copper materials require oxygen free welders etc.

The welding position

Welders come in different specifications, some work while laid on flat surfaces while others work at an angle or vertical positions, this is because different welding materials flow differently when heat is applied. Ensure that you get yourself a welder that works well for you. This will reduce accidents because you will know the appropriate way to hold your welder when working.

Ease of use

When it comes to purchasing welding machines, make sure you buy one that is easy to use. If you are a beginner, ensure you consult your welder before using it. There are welders that come with complicated instructions to us and these are not recommended to beginners. So before you purchase that welder, make sure you have read all the instructions to avoid any accidents in your workshop.


Knowing welding machine price in Kenya equipment is very important. You should know the price of good equipment and before buying it, read the testimonials of people who have purchased it to make sure you get value for your money. It is also important to note that low priced equipment is not always original, when the deal is too good, think TWICE!


Getting a portable machine comes with incredible benefits because you can move it to materials that are far and heavy to carry. Your working environment is a great factor when deciding to buy a portable machine. Ensure that you take proper precaution when moving it around to avoid accidents. Also make sure that the power source is accessible so as to guarantee continuity of power.

Weight of the machine

Finally, when buying a machine, make sure it is not heavy so that it can be easy to move it around. Having a heavy machine will be tiresome to either you or your workers. That is why you should purchase one that will be fun to work with and also is not troublesome to move around. When buying, ensure you weigh it yourself so that you can know if its weight is ideal for you.


As I conclude, make sure that you consider the above tips and many more before you purchase a welder. Make sure you read customer’s reviews and product reviews before you buy it so that you can get a machine that will best suit your needs.

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