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Tips to Free Job Posting on Jobs Portals Without Any Flaw

Posting a job should not make a hole in your pocket!


Posting a job should fill your pocket with genuine candidates! ☺ 

Welcome employers! It’s all buzz that is flowing around. Today, plenty of us are devoting our pennies on job advertisements on expensive portals in order to obtain suitable candidates. 

However, sadly, we do not get such response that we desire. So, why not move to other free job posting marketplace that give free options to advertise jobs. They have even set an amazing benchmark in market and folks are following them, as they find them trustworthy sources. 

Seriously, there is not any logic to invest unnecessarily on paid resources, as you are not getting results from them. 

Therefore, instead of glancing in extravagant corners, find a reliable portal, and post free jobs to get the desirable candidates for your organization. 

When it comes to post on these free job boards, you need to be extra smart. The reason being multiple job listing platforms are waving their flags higher. You need to make a difference and get an edge in that niche. 

Following are some tips that you can use into your job posting technique. We believe, they will help you to optimize your work.

  • Input Detailed Job Description

It’s all about describing company, its growth and role. So, make double sure that you will post job loaded with comprehensive description. It will enable a job aspirant to learn the role and services of a company and decide whether it suits with his/her profile. 

Include some bits such as:

  1. Role Name
  2. Looking for Experienced or Fresher
  3. KRAs
  4. Compensation range
  5. Notice Period
  • Don’t just Copy from Microsoft Word

Never simply copy the content from MS Word and paste it on the job platform. It will give you a terrible post due to styling issues. Rather, create a copy as a text (.txt extension) file, and then execure the pasting action. For this, simply open your file in MS Word, then click on File in menu, then Save As, and save your file in text format (.txt). Afterwards, open the text file, copy whole draft, and then paste on the job platforms. 

  • Always enable the Notification/Reminder option

While posting the job on these boards, never forget to click on checkbox to get notified about each action on these sites. Whenever, any candidate will apply or click on your job post, you will be notified. Staying in touch with every action will keep you abreast with what’s going around you job requirement. 

  • Refresh/Update your Post once a Week/Fortnight

Don’t keep your job post at the bottom. Make some minor enhancements to it periodically. Switch the points up and down and so on. It is just like pressing F5 key to put your job post in radar of job seekers and graduates once again. 

So it’s totally your call. Simply feature your job post with unique qualities and you will be definitely greeted with necessary outcomes.

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