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Tips to Get the Best Taxi Service Ride in Memphis

Best Taxi Ride

In spite of the widespread popularity of Uber, the classic taxi service in Memphis remains an integral part of the everyday life of the city’s residents. You could be hailing a taxi, looking for ways to shorten your trip time or save money, there are some easy and quick things that you can do to get the best possible ride. Here is a rundown of these tricks that would ensure that you reach your destination on time and budget.

Don’t Hail a Taxi with its Lights Off

It is of no use to hail a cab that has its light off. So frantically waving at the cab will not yield results as the cab is not going to pick you up no matter how hard you try.

Tell our Cabbie if You Know the Route

Before you get into the car, find out if the cab can go through the route you have in mind.

Check the Meter

At any time, if it occurs to you that the fare is looking steep, keep a check on the meter reading - it should typically change every four to five blocks.

Keep your receipt

The receipt is not only to write-off tax. The taxi number (the “medallion”) exists on the receipt and in the untoward incident of you leaving something in the cab, you can give a call to the concerned cabbie to find out about it.

Have a Knowledge of Flat Fares

It helps to remain informed about flat fares.

Don't suffer the Blasting Music

If you don't want to be basted with music during travel, you have the right to ride without the radio and ask the cabbie to turn the radio off.

Be Clear about Your Destination

If you happen to know a landmark close to your destination, tell the cabbie. It is much easier for the cabbie to know your destination than fumbling around on the GPS to find the exact address.

Ask for Your Stops during Journey

You always have the right to make multiple stops during the journey.

You can Pay Before to Save on Time

You can swipe your card anytime during a trip before reaching your destination. This way, you can save a few minutes of your precious time.

Have Knowledge of Your Tolls

It helps to know where you need to pay a toll and which crossings are toll-free.

Get a Smooth and Hassle-Free Ride in Memphis

If you are looking for a trusted Memphis cab service, Bluff City Taxi can be your best bet. This taxicab service is ever popular with the residents of Memphis and Shelby County as well as visitors to Memphis and surrounding areas. All the drivers are licensed and have years of professional driving experience to their credit. They need to pass state/local criminal background checks to get or renew their license. The taxis are fitted with GPS systems, making dispatching, location history, call tracking, and turn-by-turn direction easy.

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